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Welcome to The 900XTALI Studio!

Hello love - I'm Tali. I am a stylist with magic powers to empower women through fashion. I can empower you because I have learned to empower myself. Fifteen+ years ago I was overweight and frumpy. I wore dark baggy clothes to hide. I had a boring job as an accountant. And I was married to an abusive man. I didn’t yet realize who I was on the inside. I wanted change and so I began by changing my outside appearance. I wanted to create what felt more like me, so I started exercising and dressing differently - with more fun. And then, I dumped my husband. As I began to wear bright, fun expressive clothing, I began to know just who I really am inside. (Just follow my instagram and you’ll see that I no longer hold anything back!) And as I showed my true self more and more, I began to love myself, feel empowered, and attract great people into my life. This is the gift I want to give you. Today I am married to the love of my life Jason and we have 3 beautiful children. And as much as I love my family, I also love the styling business I have created to empower women to truly shine as their true selves. I can help in your transformation because I have transformed myself!


Want to update your wardrobe for a season? Receive support from our team to create a fully edited wardrobe for this season.

Includes all of our standard services:

Styling quiz + results.

You begin with our signature quiz to gain self-awareness. When you learn your style persona, you immediately gain greater clarity about your own unique style.

Personal consultation.

Before your styling session, you meet us on Zoom to explore your vision. You might begin with what to hide; we will help you see what you want to highlight. 

Pinterest Board.

Before your styling session, your stylist will present a Pinterest Board of ideas to help bring us into full alignment with your deepest desires in how you dress.

Personal shopper.

This may be the best part…you don’t have to do any of the shopping! Your stylist picks all the pieces for you to play with based on our soulful style investigation.

Dress up + styling session.

You come to the beautiful 900XTali studio to try on pre-selected clothing (under good lighting!) with your stylist helping you add magical touches and tweaks. 

Lessons on taking brand photos.

During your styling session, you will be photographed in your top looks. Your stylist will teach you all about ideal lighting and flattering poses.

Lookbook + styling support.

You’ll receive photos from your styling session to look back on how you can put key pieces together. Plus your stylist stays on call for text support and retouches.


-Minimum of 5 new outfits per season

Styling fee: $1500


Got a public appearance where you want to shine – like a speaking engagement or book launch? Work with our team to find your most aligned business look.

Includes all of our standard services listed above.

Styling fee: $750


Would you love to bring your mini a styling experience? Share a shopping experience that will fill you both with light, love, and confidence.

Includes all of our standard services plus:

– At least 1-3 outfits for mom and child 

 – Behind the scenes photos to capture your experience

– Professional photographer (optional for additional fee)

Styling fee: $1,000


Are you ready for a photoshoot to elevate your brand? Be styled, borrow the perfect outfits, and enjoy a photoshoot in our studio and on Michigan Avenue.

Includes all of our standard services plus:

– Option to buy outfits

– Photographer costs not included

Styling fee: $2,000


Are you a public persona who continually must update your wardrobe? Join our exclusive VIP membership to have a personal stylist always on call for you!

Includes all of our standard services plus:

-Minimum of 5 new outfits per season

– Special event services for up to 3 new outfits per month.

Plus, you are eligible for:

– Our seasonal closet sale to sell items from your closet

Styling fee: $1,500/month


Whether its building your Instagram, personal branding yourself, starting your styling business, or discussing your career in the industry, one of my biggest passions is to help! Book your mentoring session with me now.


Aspiring Stylist Program

Last but not least! Tali is starting a new program for all you aspiring stylists! Are you ready to start your dream styling career?

  • Christina @nospecialoccasion

    What I remember most about my first interactions with Tali was her unique style, infectious smile and how warm and inviting she was. From a workout event to a coffee shop run in to a highly anticipated fashion show, her style was exquisite! I had a good eye for picking out clothing and accessories, but I saw that Tali paired things in a way that were so fashion-forward, bold, feminine and colorful, I wondered what could she do with my wardrobe? I soon  found out WONDERS!! Working with Tali as a stylist reintroduced me to ME! For years, I had started dressing for the room or playing my style down to fit into the room. Tali’s approach is for you to set the temperature of the room in whatever that means for you. She created so many memorial looks for all occasions. It is with great excitement that I call Tali “my stylist”! She showed me how to work with what I had and take it to the highest level, along with introducing me to so many beautiful pieces daily on her Instagram page. She’s such a joy to work with. Not only is she an incredible stylist, but she’s one of brightest spirits I’ve experienced in a long time. I highly recommend Tali for all of your styling needs!

  • Andrea Levoff

    I have Tali as a fashion stylist, but I just love seeing her speak in front of a group, enlightening all the women, she is a talented woman.

  • Brenda Swauger @bks_customclothiers

    I would definitely consider Tali as a stylist, she has a really great sense of style, and really personalizes your style for you! (At her events) not only do you get a lot of style tips that you can incorporate with things you already own in your wardrobe, you meet a lot of other wonderful women in the industry—and not in your industry—that can help grow your network as well.

  • Ashley Lyons, Coach GM

    I think the better question is why would a brand NOT wanna work with Tali? She’s fantastic, her energy is contagious, her sense of style, too, is just incredible. when we were picking tings out for this collection she paired things that in ever would have thought to pair together. again its just a really fresh take on Coach as a fashion brand and the direction we’re going and how to wear it for your closet.

  • Ronalyn Stephen

    “You will learn so much about fashion, how to have fun with her pieces, we love Tali and you will learn so much at her event!”

  • Ashley @astylefactor

    I love her personality, she is so exciting, she makes everyone feel like she’s your best friend, like you’ve known her forever! You’ll have a great time, she’ll make you feel loved. You’ll walk in not knowing her, and leave with a new best friend

  • Magdalena Cypcarz

    You’re a definitely my ultimate “influencer”! And im so grateful to be able to call you my friend! 

    Since we met a few years ago my style has definitely improved big time! Putting together an outfit is much more fun because I have such a stylish friend to use as an example. This Thanksgiving Im definitely thankful for our friendship! 

  • Aasiya Tejani

    Hey Tali!!! I am just so so excited with your virtual shopping at 900 Shops …. I can literally see everything and shop all the way from India … in love with my Club Monaco track suit ! Please do it more often … I can’t wait to see more stuff … ❤️❤️🥂🥂

  • Dr. Sonia Kwapisinski @drsoniakwapisinski

    This was soooo fun! I wanted to buy everything. So many cute things. Thank you Tali for doing the work for us. My favorite part is watching YOU! I love it when you try things on and put it all together in such a pretty 🤩 package. It is a work of art how you are able to pick out items so effortlessly. It has definitely expanded my wardrobe and inspired me to be more creative in fashion and in life . 😘

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