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  • Shalom!

    Hello love – I’m Tali.

    I am a stylist with magic powers to empower women through fashion. I can empower you because I have learned to empower myself. Fifteen+ years ago I was overweight and frumpy. I wore dark baggy clothes to hide. I  had a boring job as an accountant. And I was married to an abusive man. I didn’t yet realize who I was on the inside.

    I wanted change and so I began by changing my outside appearance. I wanted to create what felt more like me, so I started exercising and dressing differently – with more fun. And then, I dumped my husband.

    As I began to wear bright, fun expressive clothing, I began to know just who I really am inside. (Just follow my instagram and you’ll see that I no longer hold anything back!) And as I showed my true self more and more, I began to love myself, feel empowered, and attract great people into my life. This is the gift I want to give you.

    Today I am married to the love of my life Jason and we have 3 beautiful children. And as much as I love my family, I also love the styling business I have created to empower women to truly shine as their true selves. I can help in your transformation because I have transformed myself!

  • It might surprise you...

    My background is actually in accounting, I was almost a CPA! But 10 years ago, I realized that my true passion is helping women feel empowered through fashion and teaching you how to create your dream wardrobe. And I’m known for saving you money, because I show you how to shop from your own closet and utilize the best pieces that you already own!

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  • Did you know...

    I have my own boutique, the Tel Aviv Couture Shop! It’s my latest project that I am so excited about. I update the shop weekly with must-haves to create your capsule wardrobe, with both luxury and budget options (because I love mixing highs and lows!). I also love taking you guys virtual shopping with me at my weekly 900 x Tali Style Series events.

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  • What people are saying...

    “I would definitely consider Tali as a stylist, she has a really great sense of style, and really personalizes your style for you! (At her events) not only do you get a lot of style tips that you can incorporate with things you already own in your wardrobe, you meet a lot of other wonderful women in the industry—and not in your industry—that can help grow your network as well.”

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  • Guess who I've worked with?

    I’ve worked with industry shakers like Jessica Zweig, Andrea Levoff, and Natalie Renna. I’ve also hosted events with big names like Diane Von Furstenburg, Neiman Marcus, Veronica Beard, Coach, Maje, Kobi Halperin, and more to come…

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  • Want to join my next style masterclass?

    It’s no secret that master classes are my favorites, virtual and in person! My mission is to connect and to teach life changing tips that you could go home and implement right away without even buying anything. Plus be prepared for an extra dose of positive vibes! Ok I know you are excited.

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