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Tali Kogan, Women’s Leadership Stylist + Coach

Founder, Tel Aviv Couture
Co-Founder, Sweet Dome Chicago Foundation

Tali Kogan is stylist to women leaders around the world and is the founder of Tel Aviv Couture. Tali’s greatest passion is to help women shine in their true essence through a styling process she refers to as: “Calling Forth the Queen.” Tali’s gift as a stylist and coach is to bring out who you are on the inside for everyone to see on the outside. This process also creates an energetic shift so that you become magnetic, and the resources you need to lead your business find their way to you effortlessly. 

Tali can empower you because she has learned to empower herself. Fifteen-plus years ago Tali was an overweight and frumpy accountant. She had a boring career, was married to an abusive man, and wore dark baggy clothes that hid her unhappiness. She wanted to change and so she began with her outside appearance. She wanted to create what felt more like her true self, so she started exercising and dressing differently – with more fun. And then, she dumped her husband.

As Tali began to wear bright, fun expressive clothing that felt true to a more powerful version of herself, she began to feel who she really is on the inside. (Just follow her Instagram and you’ll see that she no longer holds anything back!) As she showed her true self more and more, she began to love herself, feel empowered, and attract great people who have allowed her to grow and expand her business. This is the gift she wants to give you.

To know Tali is also to know her generous spirit. Since the inception of her business she has raised money for nonprofit causes near and dear to her heart. This year Tali expanded her philanthropic commitment by co-founding a foundation with her husband. Ukrainian-born, Tali was deeply impacted by the recent war and in response she and her husband created the Sweet Dome Chicago Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides housing for Ukrainian refugee families in the Chicagoland area. Tali credits her “Calling forth the Queen” process as lifting her out of depression about the war and into action as a female leader committed to creating a more peaceful world.

Tali is married to the love of her life Jason and has 3 beautiful children. You can work with her at her 900XTali Studio located in Chicago’s luxury shopping epicenter, the Magnificent Mile.  You can follow Tali on instagram @talikogan and learn more about her styling services at telavivcouture.com. Currently a percentage of all styling fees and shopping spends are donated back to Tali’s foundation supporting refugee families.

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  1. Alisa wrote:

    Hello, I am looking for personal styling services and saw you are located at the 900 building. Thank you.

    Posted 2.19.23 Reply
  2. Superb look! I like this and definitely try this look.

    Posted 4.8.23 Reply
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