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People are constantly asking me things like who my seamstress and dry cleaners are, where I get my nails done, or what I do to keep my skin looking so young. So I thought I would make a list of all my favorite resources! It’s so hard to figure out which services and places are good quality, so I want to be your Yelp for all things beauty, business, family, and style. I always have my followers in mind, so I’ve even made sure to get you special rates for a lot of my favorite services. I’m constantly updating this post with my favorite resources, so you can stay up to date. Here are some of the best:



I use Tanya Tailor, which is an amazing service because if you have a good amount of dry cleaning and alterations, she can come to your home, pick up your clothes, and bring them back when they are ready. Her service is amazing, and so helpful if you have a busy life like I do. She is located at 7100 N. Sheridan, but is often in the city, so you can get your clothes fixed, cleaned, and delivered easily. Best way to contact is by phone 224.595.9590


The one-stop shop for everything you need & everyone in your family is at 900 N Michigan shops! My favorite stores here are Kate Spade, Club Monaco, Sunglass Hut, Bellina Caetano, Northshore Exchange, Michele Lopriore, Bloomingdale’s, and J Crew. Their Christmas decor is unbelievable, my kids love going to see Santa there! And of course we can’t leave without stopping at Aster Hall for delicious food options from Chicago hotspots like Small Cheval and Green Street Smoked Meats.


I highly recommend Fit City Kids in Chicago for all your e-learning needs. Leonix was really struggling with e-learning at home so I started taking him to Fit City in the mornings where they helped him stay focused, and also gave them activity breaks to stay active! He was so obsessed with it, he actually asked me not to pick him up in the afternoon!


Hiring a party planner will get rid of all the stress and headache of event planning, and ensure that your event runs smoothly and is a good time for everyone. I hired Shilpa founder of @fettiandfizz for Leonix’s 5th birthday and Katya’s 9th, and it was the best decision ever! Their packages for quarantine birthday parties are life savers!! I didn’t have to think about anything except my kiddos and the cake, and I got to enjoy every moment of the party.
I would also recommend Elise Anna founder of Chic from Chicago. I didn’t get to work with her, but I have followed her beautiful instagram page for a while, and I’ve attended a bunch of events she planned, which are always super fun. She’s amazing, and I would definitely use her in the future!


Hiring the right photographer is so important to capture your energy and deliver the best photos, whether it’s for your brand or family holiday photos. My personal favorite photographers in Chicago include Vibe Tribe Creative, Hallie Duesenberg, Jules Kennedy, Rose Kaz, and Ali Stone.



One of the most important ways to always be stylish and beautiful is to have a healthy mind and body. I love Yoga 2.0 to keep me fit and centered. It is literally the best studio in Chicago, with a great location, and beautiful studio space. I’m super into their hot yoga, and I love how the studio has such good people and is never crowded. And I have a promo code for you for first complimentary class, TALI2.0

I have been working with my Ashtanga yoga teacher Alexia for almost 6 years and I can tell you, the experience is truly life changing. Right now Alexia is still doing home visits for yoga practice, and she is also offering amazing virtual programs if you prefer.



I have never had a good time at the dentist, but Dentologie changed my life. I started going this past year and I am convinced they are the best! Their customer service and relationship makes me feel right at home, not to mention they are very professional and great at what they do. They have locations all around the city, I highly encourage you to book your next dental checkup here!


To stay healthy and fit I go to Chad Driscoll at Lift Chicago. He does the most efficient workout, that’s only 30 minutes, and it really brings results! I love the vibe of the gym too, it’s a great place to get my body moving and really focus on my fitness. 

fitness resources


Pause Massage which is the best in the city. The space is simple yet very chic, without all the fuss of a spa experience, and their massage therapists are amazing and very professional. It’s affordable, and always the relaxing experience I need to reset my body.  


Need a hangover cure? How about a quick cure for your cold, or a energy boost after jet lag? ReviveDoc has it all! This medical spa is my go-to when I’m feeling under the weather. They have a diverse menu of different IV injections and infusions, along with offering cryotherapy services. My favorite bonus is their age-defying injection services, which would make a great gift!



I want to give some love to GoGlow, which is where I get my spray tan. Getting a spray tan feels like getting a good workout for me, it’s such a refreshing feeling, and makes everything look so much better. Their service is wonderful, and you can get a 20% off discount if you mention my name. 


One of my favorite secrets to looking young is doing Endermologie treatments at Absolute Body Contour. Endermologie is a non-invasive (without a needle) treatment that uses massaging techniques to make your skin look younger. I’ve been doing it for a long time and it definitely pays off! Also, I sent many happy clients there that are now hooked. My girl is Ulyana and she is the hands down the best in the industry. She is located at Still Salon on Oak street. You can also get a discount if you’re a new customer and mention my name.  


For blowouts, my girl is Lindsey at Salon Lofts! I have known Lindsey for a while now and she is my go-to. I seriously go once a week for a blowout and she nails it every time! After every appointment I can’t help but put her all over my Instagram. Check her out @locksbylindss.

I also love getting my hair done by Alex Brown. She is a celebrity hairstylist that works with clients like the Kardashians! She is only in Chicago a couple weeks a year, so I make a point to see her when she’s in town. She does amazing hair cuts & extensions.

My latest hair obsessions are Mandy from Salon833 and Ruby from Mario Tricocci in the 900 shops!

Pretty Convenient App is the most brilliant idea that was founded by email entrepreneur Tracey Ftacek who I adore. They basically come to your home at any time to get your hair and/or makeup ready for your special event. I have been kinda hooked especially on  my busiest days. Their amazing stylist Reia braided Katya’s hair for her competitions as well.


For makeup, I also love to go to Suky V. You never know when you might need makeup for an event, a photoshoot, or any other opportunity to look amazing, so it’s good to have a reliable makeup artist that you can trust to always make you look your best. She is known for bridal make sup as well and the best way to contact her is by Instagram @sukyvmakeup

beauty resources


I am a regular at the Ambra Salon where I get manicures by @mozaknails all the time! These manicures are so good, they last 3 to 4 weeks, sometimes more–can you believe it? My signature look has become unicorn chrome nails by Moza. The best way to book your appointment with her is to call (773)969-0326.



Mary Gimenez runs the entire accounting of my firm, and is the reason I am able to focus on doing what I love and making it a business. She was my first friend in the U.S. and has helped me so much over the years, so I know that she is always on top of things, has reasonable rates, does great work, and is someone you can trust. She lives in Miami but she visits Chicago often and she can work remotely.  Best way to contact is by email mgbouss@gmail.com. 


For anything related to branding, I would definitely recommend SimplyBe Agency. SimplyBe’s founder, Jessica Zweig is my dear friend and client, and she is absolutely the best and so is her team. They recently updated my media kit, and for anything in that area, they are always my people.  Investing in branding is a key to successful business. 

business resources


Monica Dixon PR is amazing! She is a friend of mine and I had an opportunity to work with her personally which was wonderful. I also know many of her very happy and successful clients, so she is definitely the person to go to. 


Listening to podcasts has literally changed my life. It’s the most accelerated and efficient way to learn! The amount of education you get in 30 minutes would take months any other way. My favorite is Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher. Jenna started as a photographer, and went on to become the most influential educator in the industry, so she has the best tips and ideas. Whether you own a business or are considering starting one, I would start here!

I am also hooked on Jessica Zweig’s Simply Be podcast, where she talks about everything from spirituality to branding. I love listening to this to get inspiration, and not just because Jessica is an amazing friend and client. She interviews epic guests, including her creative director Alexsa Narbutaitis (one of my favorite episodes!). Jessica has built a huge seven-figure empire in just a few years, so we can definitely all learn a thing or two from her.

For everything Motherhood, and some laughs to brighten up your day, I love Dope Ass Mom by Andrea Levoff. Andrea is a comedian, a fellow fashion and lifestyle blogger, and a dear friend of mine. I love her podcast, and she is absolutely hilarious! She is all about leopard prints, self-love, comedy, and motherhood. She is a pro at turning any struggles of motherhood into funny and positive stories. This podcast is not just for moms, but is super fun, and I really recommend everyone to tune in!


There you go–some of my best and most useful resources to keep you looking fabulous, staying healthy, and on top of everything. One of the things I love most about blogging is the way I can use it to support other businesses and make networks, so I’m excited to share all my favorite people and services with you. I always like to take care of my people, so I will keep this list on my blog, and I will keep adding to it as I think of more good resources to share. 


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