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8 Secrets to Help You Look and Feel Young at Any Age

8 Secrets to Help You Look and Feel Young at Any Age
I often get asked, “Tali, how do you look so young?” As a 42-year old wife, mother of two, and independent businesses owner, I have quite a few secrets up my sleeve for everything from style to beauty.
Of course, finding the right treatments from facials to botox and everything in between can be difficult, and it can be hard to know the best spots and service providers. But luckily, I’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you after my own years of experience and trial and error.
In this post, I’ll reveal my key secrets I use to keep me looking and feeling young, and I’ll even share with you the top places, practitioners, and aestheticians whom I personally trust. 
But it gets better.
I’ve even scored some special deals and discounts for my readers at these amazing local spots so that you can easily try out for yourself the very treatments and regimen I personally recommend and rely on to keep me feeling and looking young always.

Endermologie Treatment 

Oh boy, I am totally addicted to this amazing treatment. When I’m getting this treatment at Absolute Body Contour, it’s literally the most relaxing for of the week, and what’s more, I’ve been so pleasantly surprised to actually see the results on face and body.
The treatment itself is actually relaxing, easy, and completely non-invasive, and it will keep those problem areas on your face and body stay tight and smooth. I have been solely working with Ulyana in Chicago on Oak Street at boutique style spa, Still salon. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her.  And let me tell you, I’ve gotten countless others hooked on this treatment!
This massage-based treatment was the first of its kind to be FDA approved and has been proven effective by 130 scientific studies. In Ukraine, you can get this treatment almost at every nail salon, here in the US is still very new. 
With Endermologie, you get instant youth!

Mention my name for 30% off your first session.

24 Karat Gold or European Facial with Ina

Ina’s magic touch always puts my mind at ease and keeps my skin glowing. Her 24 karat gold mask is so amazing and makes the perfect holiday gift.
I make sure to visit Ina at least every other month for her European facial treatment, plus every time post-travel, as airplanes and climate changes can impact stress on your body’s largest organ. My skin always looks flawless after Ina’s facial. 

Ina is offering 50% off to my readers on their first visit and 30% off for existing customers, (November only). 

Ina is located at Stil Salon, the same location where I do my Endermologie, which makes it all super convenient. 
8 Secrets to Help You Look and Feel Young at Any Age

Leah Chavie Skin Care Products and Treatments

Another skincare professional I rely on is Leah Chavie, with whom I’ve been working for years. She’s been featured here on the blog in the past, and for good reason. Her products just do the trick! And I really cannot emphasize enough to my readers and clients how crucial skincare is to your overall well-being.
Leah offers amazing treatments you can’t find anywhere else, including IPL, which targets the top layer of your skin to combat redness and brown spots, Laser Genesis, which works deeper down to treat fine lines, wrinkles, reduce pore size, and improve skin texture, Titan, which is even deeper, tightening skin and eliminating harmful bacteria, and her Stem Cell treatment which acts as a blanket on your skin to protect, calm, soothe, and heal.
Clear, vibrant skin is key to looking and feeling young, and Leah’s unique offerings are a must for any serious skincare regimen. 

Leah is also offering special promotion for my readers, 30% off  your first session, any treatment of your choice.

Botox and Fillers

Botox and fillers are now quite common, and while I don’t use them as much since I started going to Endermologie, I do refresh myself with these effective options about once a year.
And when I do, I only work with 2 people I absolutely trust to do the job the right.
There’s Nurse Julie at Spa Derma who is a pure artist! I’ve been going to her for years, and her skilled, delicate hand ensures that my botox and fillers look stunningly natural.
The second person I trust for this is Dr. Rani who just recently opened up her own practice, Advance Dermatology & Aesthetics. 
Both are great options you can trust with your eyes closed.

Solid Skincare Routine on the Daily

I have been using Rodan & Fields’ products for years as part of my daily home skincare routine. Occasionally, I will switch it up and try out new, interesting products, but at the end of the day, I always go back to Rodan & Fields.
I use their toner, moisturizer for day and night, serum and eye cream daily. My go to girl for their stuff is Katryn Ingstad. I just love her because the service she provides is top notch, and her skin is always flawless which tells me this girl is one to trust!

Yoga and Fitness

Do I sound like a broken record yet? I am a loyal devotee to the practice of yoga and regular fitness in everyday life. I’ve posted numerously about these topics, and I continue to encourage my friends, loved ones, and clients to make yoga and fitness regular parts of their lives.
I feel the difference on the inside and outside. Yoga and fitness keep my body and spirit young. Check out my archives on the topic.
8 Secrets to Help You Look and Feel Young at Any Age

You can get 30% off your first private session with my yoga teachers Carla Jian or Alexia Bauerl.

Go Glow Spray Tan

It’s actually pretty amazing how much younger and leaner I feel after spray tan. And I can swear by Go Glow that provide the most natural and lovely spray tan around. I am crazy about their products, too. The body lotion and touch up spray are my fav and perfect for at-home maintenance of your glow.

Go Glow is offering 20% off your first visit for my readers.


There is an old Russian saying, “Think good and it will be good.” When you smile, you can’t help but feel better no matter what life may throw your way!
I’m a big believer in keeping positive as much as possible, despite life’s numerous stressors we face in our day to day lives. But when you smile, your face instantly lights up and, in turn, radiates youth.
So keep on smiling, ladies. 🙂
What do you do to keep yourself looking and feeling young? Share your secrets with me in the comments section below!
8 Secrets to Help You Look and Feel Young at Any Age

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