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Let’s be honest, sometimes you see something in the store and say “no way”! It happens to me too, even as a fashion-obsessed stylist there are trends I don’t love. Today I’m talking about the trend that I thought I would never ever wear, but became my #1 staple…. Birkenstocks!

Honestly, I always thought Birkenstocks sandals were the ugliest. At first, I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at this shoe. But with my broken pinkie earlier this summer, I needed a shoe with a super open toe and very walkable. And so my obsession was born!! These became a staple for me so fast. Birkenstocks are SO comfortable and I really started digging the look! I especially can’t recommend these enough to other moms on-the-go. They’re crazy versatile and they feel like walking on clouds, so it’s basically a need!!

silver birkenstocks

Last weekend I styled my silver Birkenstocks with this denim dress. How cute and summery, am I right?! Think of these sandals an elevated basic… you can wear them with everything, and it just adds style and personality! You can dress it up like I did here, but I also love dressing them down with athleisure looks (especially these Amazon hot yoga shorts)!

how to make birkenstocks cute


I also need to point out these sandals are seriously affordable. My white pair was only $50! You can also invest in some higher-quality leather styles for a bigger price tag. I love that Birkenstocks has options available for different budgets!

One of the best perks of these sandals is they are available in tons of color and styles. So you can have a super personal style touch! My first pair was all white, and my second pair is silver, and I’m still looking for them in rose gold! I love them all and it’s no wonder I can’t stop wearing them, especially now in the summer!!

white birkenstocks
silver birkenstocks
rose gold birkenstocks
Birkenstocks, $139

I also styled these shoes with a floral suit for a photoshoot with Katya in Michigan.

mother and daughter floral outfits with birkenstocks

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  1. Lana Yablokov wrote:

    Hi , this is your style’ fan Lana . You hair always look top notch. Can you please share again where do you get you hair extensions. I missed last time you mentioned . Thank you so much in advance for what you do !

    Posted 8.10.20 Reply
    • Tali Kogan wrote:

      Hi Lana, I love getting my hair done by Alex Brown. She is a celebrity hairstylist that works with clients like the Kardashians! She is only in Chicago a couple weeks a year, so I make a point to see her when she’s in town. She does amazing hair cuts & extensions.

      Posted 8.14.20 Reply
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