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As a personal stylist, brand ambassador, and event planner, I am constantly on the go. Being “superwoman” is hard work!

Juggling work, projects, kids, and life, in general, has taught me a lot…especially when it comes to finding ways to look good…no matter what.

All the time, working with clients or bumping into friends during errands, I get asked, “Tali, how do you manage to look stylish every single day, whenever I see you?”

The truth is, I don’t put that much effort into it at all! But I do have my ways…8 tips specifically that I know I can use at the last minute to make any look amazing.

In this post, I’m going to reveal my secrets to always being simply stylish. These are the 8 things I do to look fabulous no matter what’s going on or how rushed you are getting ready.



1. Wear Red Lipstick


Do you love to rock the red lips? Or are you more bashful, like some of my clients? Trust me, sister, you CAN pull off this look! I love Nars’ Red Dragon – it’s a classic red. If you’re looking for something bold but not red, I say go for this amazing purple shade from Smashbox.

Lipstick is a way to make any makeup routine fast and effortless. With bold lips, there’s no need to bother with too many other products or makeup application techniques. Just put on a bright shade, and you’re good to go.

2. Wear a Smile Always


Smile. Smile. Smileeee! Always!

This is a trick I use so much that it’s become second nature to me. I don’t even think about it! When you smile, you not only look confident and kind, you’ll feel good too.

What could be better than that?

3. Put on a Stylish Hat

stylish hat

Wearing a stylish hat is a perfect and fast way to look like a style icon. Lately, I’m totally into the trendy baseball caps like this one, but for those of you who know me, you know my signature look is with a flat top fedora like this one pictured from Janessa Leone.

4. Rock the Monochrome Look

Rock the Monochrome Look

This trend is so overlooked! All white is not just for brides, ladies!

Personally, I am obsessed with wearing one color from head to toe. It takes five minutes to get dressed if you just stick to one color! White is the most classic, chic color in this trend, but play around with it–I love doing all blue or red, too!

Trust me. Turn heads in a monochrome outfit and your friends will be begging you for style tricks, too.

5. Trendy Sunglasses

trendy sunglasses

Sunglasses are really more than an accessory. They’re a necessity! And they can up the fab level of any look immediately.

The brands I really love are Super, Illesteva, Celine, and of course an updated classic from RayBan. Invest in even just one amazing pair of sunglasses and you’ll feel like a star where ever you go.

6. Tote an Authentic Designer Bag

Authentic Designer Bag

As you might know, I don’t always urge my clients or readers to splurge on every single piece they wear, but if you’re going to splurge on something, make it a designer bag.

Your bag can pull an entire look together and make a serious statement. My favorite go-to bag is my Collecte crossbody. It’s a perfect size for what I need. It’s big enough to fit the small number of snacks and toys I’m constantly toting around plus all my on-the-go supplies…but it’s not too big, looks fab, and allows me to keep my hands free, which is super important, especially when I’m with the kids.


If you’re looking for a Chanel or Celine, you can find great deals on authentic designer bags on Real Real or eBay. (Please do not buy fake! It’s a cruel industry and not worth your money.)

I also really love Rebecca Minkoff and Chloe.

7. Put on a Great Pair of Shoes

Great Pair of Shoes

I’m a huge fan of edgy and fresh shoes. All you need is just a couple of great pairs that can go with everything in your closet… a statement pair like these Michael Kors Collection platforms take simple jeans and tee to the next level!

White sneakers or a pair of pointed-toe heels will finish off any look for the day. Shoes are not an area to neglect in your closet!

8. Statement Jewelry

Accessories are a great way to experiment with your style and wear things you might not normally wear, so why not have fun with it? Head to your jewelry box last when getting dressed and pick out a great piece to bring your outfit together or add fun contrast.

Statement Jewelry

I always tell my clients to invest in a few statement earrings and necklaces like the drop earrings I’m wearing here.

You can get statement jewelry at all prices, and they’re worth it since you can wear them every day.

How to Keep it Simple

Good, fitted denim from brands like J.Brand and Rag & Bone or joggers by n:Philanthropy are easy to slip on with some good quality basic tops. Keep your clothing simple and let your accessories to do the talking!

Looking stylish every day doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming! Use these 8 fabulous tips to take any look from basic to fabulous in just minutes.

What do YOU do to look stylish every day? Comment below and share your secrets with me!


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