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I’m a woman who loves to play around with makeup and beauty products. I have since I was a little girl, and find it so much fun to experiment with and to switch things up. The same products all the time gets boring, and not to mention that certain products loose their effectiveness after some time on your skin! Since I have so many products that I love and have tried, I wanted to discuss my favorite ones and some tips.

And as I get older, I’m getting more invested in skincare, so I’ll share my thoughts on that too. One of the best beauty tips I learned from my 95 year young(!) grandmother-in-law Ida who looks unreal at her age had to do with skincare. When I asked her about her secret for having such beautiful skin at 95, her answer was simple: moisturize, moisture, moisturize! Since that day, I’ve been finding ways to hydrate my skin and to prioritize moisture.

What I’ve found with beauty is that similar to fashion, some products are worth the splurge, and some are just fine covered by drug store products.

For example, products like serum, eye cream, treatments and masks (mainly skin care items) usually get better quality with price and I’m willing to splurge more. Make-up removal, cleanser, and other fun makeup are fine to buy at the drug store – at least for me!

When it comes to skincare specifically, I’ve been loving a new-to-me brand. After recent facial treatments at Leah Chavie, I started using her products and really like them so far. My favorites are the facial mist, C serum and moisturizer. Also the lip balm is amazing! Those products kept me glowing during NYFW and I felt really hydrated and fresh the whole time. She also makes baby products; Leo and Katya both love the smell and feel of the lotion and bath oil. I use the oil for myself as well, and it’s another perfect product for moisturizing. I even lather it over my body lotion, especially in dry, cold Chicago winters. I’m also a big fan of Rodan & Fields!


Here’s my routine and some other products I love. I’ll link out to any specific products that I’m really enjoying at the moment:
Day: First, I cleanse with cleaning wipes or a facial soap/gentle scrub. Then I apply these, in order: toner, C serum, moisturizer, and sun screen. If I’m wearing makeup that day, this is when I’ll start applying, but not before all my skincare steps. Healthy skincare steps are important for the base of a happy face! Without taking proper care of your skin, no amount of makeup will make you look or feel your best. If I’m not wearing makeup, this is a wonderful facial spray as well.
For foundation, I especially like Dior and Laura Mercier. For concealer, Nars is great. Tom Ford makes nice lipsticks and I also like some of the RMS products (which are natural and toxin free).
Night: First, I take off my makeup with a remover, usually Neutrogena wipes or their facial cleanser. It’s crucial to remove makeup and all the buildup (like pollution, oils, etc.) that’s been sitting on our face all day. Then it’s toner, serum and night cream. Sometimes I’ll do a night mask at this point, especially if my skin is really dry or dull. Dr. Jart’s Water Replenishment and the Fresh Rose Mask are two masks I reach for weekly. Then, I add more moisturizer! The more moisturizer the merrier is how I look at it, thanks to Ida!
That’s about it! I’m sure I’ll change things up as summer hits, so I’ll share more soon. I’d like to hear what your favorite products are? And your routine?

 photography: Mariya Nicole

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