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Just last week, Israel was in the news again, but this time it was for fashion!
Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week, one of Israel’s biggest fashion events, was all over international news as the world turned to see what Tel Aviv had to offer.
When you see what this year’s Tel Aviv Fashion Week had to offer, you will be blown away!
As you know, Israel is gaining popularity in the fashion world with celebs like the Kardashians, Gigi Hadid, and Beyonce appearing more and more in publications and red carpet events outfitted by Israeli fashion designers.
This year was the 5th official Fashion Week in Tel Aviv, produced by Motty Reif, who has worked tirelessly to help put Israeli design on the global map, in collaboration with real estate giant Gindi Tel Aviv in its initiative to promote the new upscale Fashion Mall which just opened.
The event was attended by local celebrities, insiders from the fashion and entertainment industries, fashion bloggers, and even politicians from across the spectrum like Miri Regev and Zehava Galon. Per interview with Moti Reif, this year we had more than 100 media people that attended the show.
I followed the exciting event remotely while I was cozy in chilly Chicago, with my “eyes and ears” in Tel Aviv to report back to me what was especially hot on the runway. Here are some of my favorites!


Yosef’s boutique (picture above) has been a part of the Tel Aviv scenery for years, and as expected, this year’s collection evoked surprise and awe. The all white looks (with the exception of that one uber-cool silver look) were thoughtful and intelligent with geometric yet smooth lines.

Trend alert: Unexpected back lines add an element of surprise and sex appeal in the classiest way.

Yosef photo taken from ItMag.co.il and fw.Gindi.com

Trend alert: Interesting ear accessories put new focus on a small space that can make a big statement! Check out video featuring the show here.


The Israeli fashion house of all fashion houses delivered this year with a collection that showcased a strong color palette, simple elegance, and styled to perfection with dewy, glowing faces and slicked back, golden-dyed hair and of course their signature embroidery techniques that really made their collection stand out. The colors flowed effortlessly from a natural brown to pale nudes to earthy reds, mixed in leather and sheer fabrics. Models pranced across the runway barefoot wearing ankle cuffs. Their slick hair was on point.

Photo taken from fw.Gindi.com


Chana Marelus

The rising star of the moment wowed this year’s attendees with her collection of hand-sewn flower details paired with tulle, making modesty haute in so many ways! More about Chana Marelus coming soon on the blog.

Photo taken from fw.Gindi.com

Sabina Musayev

What a fun, wearable collection! Her collection of bold-colored embroidery on linen pieces and black flowing backdrops showed us that perfect mix Israeli fashion (and Israel, in general!) is known for: loud meets grounded.

Photo taken from eight30.com

Flamingo Kids

You know I love kids’ fashion as much as I love women’s, and this show was EVERYTHING. The mini models that made their way down the runway were styled to perfection with bandanas, round, colored lens sunglasses a la John Lennon, and that too cool for school mix of jeans, silver, army prints, pale pink, and black. So edgy yet still age appropriate. If you’re looking for a brand for your kids that’s relevant, fun, and still comfy and tasteful, Flamingo Kids is it.

photo credit ItMag.co.il

Disney “Dream Big Princesses” Fundraiser Show

This show, which was sponsored by Disney, was to benefit the Women’s Spirit Organization  which supports and empowers women victims of violence, and my good friend and blogger, Luba Jakobson, walked the runway in this stunning Belle gown. Who wouldn’t want to be a princess for a day? The show definitely inspired those in attendance to dream big.

Photo taken from LubaJakobson.com

Ariel Toledano

This collection was fabulous and (not to say I told you so…but…) showcased so many current trends mentioned here on the blog like lace, sheer blouses and unexpected details on cut outs, sleeves and cuffs. 

Photo credit  Vogue.de

Dror Kontento

One of my favorites! Every single look was red carpet ready with feathers, beading, and lace. The way this collection combined so many luxurious elements in perfect harmony was something I haven’t seen before. The nude-like shaded fabrics in perfect satin were the most fitting backdrop for the incredibly intricate beaded details that caught the light of the catwalk. Dror is an exciting designer, and I can’t wait to see where he takes his vision!

Photo taken from Saloona.co.il

Shenkar x New Balance:

Shenkar is Israel’s premier design academy, breeding the best of the best when it comes to fashion. This year’s student-made collection was no exception. The show, in partnership with New Balance, was fun, in your face, tongue and cheek without being too cheeky. The color palette was light and playful balancing the puffy, grandiose lines and cuts.

Sem Medem talent Shankar, photo from cosmopolitan.it

Portray Studio

This collection was super edgy with so many interesting elements and details that catch your eye in every look. I especially love how they breathed new life into the traditional tuxedo suit.

Keren Wolf

This show was a real artistic highlight for everyone. Her body accessories blew my mind away. A perfect balance of gold, pearls, netting, and intrigue made this show one of the most talked about of the week with models lying leisurely in bathtubs adorned with Wolf’s design. Check out a video featuring the show here.

Photo taken from ItMag.co.il 


So we can’t have Tel Aviv Fashion Week without Gottex, one of the Israel’s most well-known brands around the world. Gottex celebrated 60 years, and the show truly felt like a national success. The models were women who work with the fashion house’s director, Lia Gottlieb, and the show began with pieces from the house’s collections throughout the decades flowing effortlessly into this year’s collection for 2017.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed working on it. One thing is for sure, Israel is taking over the fashion world! And I couldn’t be more proud!

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