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I’ve always loved experimenting with my beauty routine. Whether it’s trying new skin care or makeup products I’m always changing things up. Recently, I’ve found some products I really can’t get enough of. So much so they’ve been a part of my daily routine for quite some time now. I love sharing products I enjoy with you so I decided to give you a breakdown of some of my current must haves in my updated beauty routine.


As I have experimented with skin care products over the years, I’ve found I really enjoy face creams that are super creamy in their consistency. My 96 year young grandma in-law has incredible skin to this day and I asked her what her skin care secret is. She shared that moisturizer has always been her biggest focus with skin care. Ever since she shared this with me I’ve been using a lot of moisturizers in my routine.
My go-to face cream for the day time has been MyChelle’s Supreme Polypeptide Cream. This has been an incredible product for Chicago’s ever changing weather. The weather here can really effect my skin but I’ve found this cream really helps me maintain great moisture.
In the evening I prefer to use a different face cream, primarily one that offers anti-aging benefits. My current favorite night cream has been the Trilogy replenishing night cream. I picked up both of these moisturizers at Whole Foods but they’re also available online. During the summer, I like a lightweight moisturizer and often use this Water Balm from Sonia Roselli.
Since I like to change up my moisturizers, I’ve also completely fallen in love with Rodan+Fields’ day and night creams from the Redefine collection.


Over the past few years I’ve really noticed a difference in my skin when using a serum or oil in my beauty routine. They offer a powerful benefit because the ingredients are much more concentrated. I came across the company BeautyCounter through a fellow mom and friend, Corinne Offut. One thing I love about companies like BeautyCounter is that they provide women an opportunity to follow their dreams. I absolutely love supporting other women in business and feel more beautiful just by purchasing and supporting them.
After learning about the natural ingredients the company uses, I decided to try their facial oil No. 1 and No. 2 and was pleasantly surprised at the results and haven’t stopped using them since. Honestly I don’t know how I lived without these products! The great thing about these oils is you don’t need a lot of product so the bottles last for quite a while.
To purchase BeautyCounter products contact Corinne Offutt at corinneoffutt@gmail.com.


Living in Chicago the weather fluctuates quite often, which can be tricky on skin especially lips. Not to mention, I love to wear lipstick but it can sometimes be a bit drying to my lip area especially after using red lipstick. Similar to the facial oils I’m using, I was introduced to Rodan+Fields through a fellow mama and opted to try their Lip Renewing Serum. I’m always looking for ways to keep my lips well moisturized and this serum is a game changer. Since I started using it my lips have been so smooth all year long. Even Katya is obsessed with this product. She literally begs me to use it every night before bed.


As I’ve gotten older I’ve been more cautious about the products I use on my eye area because it’s so delicate. I’ve tried quite a few eye creams that were ok but I’ve started using Rodan+Fields bright eye complex and can’t get enough of the product. This particular eye cream focuses on hydration and brightening, both areas I’ve wanted to focus on. It’s not a product that feels too heavy after applying, which I love when I apply it in the morning.
My go-to girl for all Rodan+Fields purchases is Katryn Ingstad. You can contact her at katryningstad@gmail.com. Katryn is offering 10% off purchases when mentioning this post!


I love playing around with different makeup looks but as a working mom, my daily makeup routine needs to be pretty quick. When I just need a little coverage to even out my skin tone, I love using the No7 tinted moisturizer. This is another product I found at Walgreens and have kept it in my routine ever since. I like to make sure I have SPF on my skin daily so I love that this tinted moisturizer offers additional SPF coverage. Plus, it’s really lightweight so it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing anything.

When I want a little more coverage, I’ve been using this foundation stick from Tom Ford. I love how easy it is to apply because it’s a stick, it’s perfect when you’re in a hurry. It gives great coverage without feeling too heavy which I love from foundation. I use the color ‘FAWN’ in this product.

For evening looks when I want to use a heavier foundation with great coverage, my go-to lately has been the Dior Spray Foundation. It’s super easy to apply because of the spray bottle and even though it’s a heavy coverage it doesn’t feel heavy when wearing it.

Once in a while when I want more coverage I also use Photo’Perfexion from Givenchy. It’s definitely a high coverage foundation but looks great for pictures because of the finish.

Brows are a must, even when I’m short on time. There’s something about just lightly filling in eyebrows that can help you look put together in no time. I can’t live without Anastasia’s brow wiz pencil, I use this pencil in the color taupe. This particular pencil is really easy to apply because it’s so smooth.


Another thing I enjoy changing every so often are my makeup brushes. Recently, I was introduced to My Makeup Brush Set and I’ve loved them! Not only is the brush design chic, but their application is impressive especially for the price point.


Lately, I’ve been using this body scrub from Alba Botanica in the shower. It’s great for exfoliating skin to get a healthy, natural glow. In addition to the body scrub, I’m always sure to apply body lotion often (grandma said moisturizing is the secret!). My current favorite body lotion I picked up from a local health food store is from Bella & Olive. They use all natural ingredients and smells great. This particular lotion is great for dry skin.
Of course I can’t forget one of my all time favorite lotions! I am completely obsessed with the lotions from GoGlow, along with their spray tans. Most often I use their hydrate lotion it gives my skin a gorgeous glow because it’s so hydrating and smells amazing. When I’m on vacation I use the extend lotion to get a little bronzed finish.
And my latest obsession is Le Labo Santel 33. This smell is incredible, I can’t stop using it. I especially love their candles, you can personalize them too! Recently I’ve started to use their balm perfume, body lotion and laundry detergent as well. Because when you fall in love with something you gotta go for it..right




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  1. Amanda wrote:

    These all cosmetics seem good to try out. I can’t wait to try these products in my beauty routine. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Posted 12.13.19 Reply
    • Tali Kogan wrote:

      You are SO welcome, Amanda! Click on any of the product links in the post to get yours.

      Posted 1.7.20 Reply
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