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Hello my beautiful people, I hope you are all healthy, safe, and super cozy at home! So let’s talk about life after two weeks of quarantine. Now is the time to unite, support each other, connect, and create! But more than anything, do our part to stay home and save lives. Let’s remember that we are all in this together! I have learned that in life we can’t control what happens but we can control what we do with it, so let’s focus on making the most out of it! I am here to inspire you with 35 ways to make the most out of social distancing and live your best life – indoors.



1. Make lists and schedules! We have our family meeting every day after breakfast with yummy snacks and drinks and create a schedule of the day together.  This routine dynamic helps the kids to know their limits and anticipate what their day will be like, rather than ask for different things throughout the day as usual.

2. Homeschooling! Katya has a lot of virtual school to do, but if you need some ideas try this Scholastic program. Leonix is doing a 1st-grade workbook! They both do lots of reading, art and help a lot in the kitchen.

3. Check out Great Wolf Lodge “Fun at Home” Guide! They have tons of ideas for activities, arts and crafts, and kids friendly recipes.

4. Take a hike! Parks are closed, but you can hike in the woods (as long as you maintain the 6 feet rule!)

5. Download TikTok! Learning dances keeps our family very busy. Follow me, my tag is @Talikogan 🙂

6. Play dress up! Katya and I experiment with lots of new hairstyles and sometimes dress up.

7. Play board games! Our family favorite is Rubik’s Race, but we also love Labyrinth, Red Light Green Light, and memory games!

8. Cook and bake! We have been experimenting a lot in our kitchen. Leo is potentially becoming a chef 🙂

9. Binge a TV show. We just finished watching The Stranger and it was great. We love spoiling ourselves with popcorn topped with shaved truffle cheese (or whatever cheese to your liking)… so yummy!

10. Have themed dinner nights! Try to get creative with dinners, maybe a dress-up theme! We practice gratitude every dinner especially now.

11. Dance party! Blast some fun music and dance! It’s a lot more fun than you think, especially if you give it a true chance 🙂


12. Workout at home! Our whole family is taking part is ashtanga yoga lessons with Alexia Bauer a few times a week. I’m also loving virtual workout programs from Lift, Yoga 2.0, Kate Lemere, and my sister @orlyfitness! And there are plenty more out there!

13. Learn a language! Leonix is supplementing his Russian classes with virtual FaceTime lessons. I know tons of students would love to make extra cash to tutor kids!

14. Develop your business skills! My dear friend and fellow boss lady Jessica Zweig launched multiple online learning skills programs about branding and improving your business. This is a must! Her current class is sold out but I would reach out and jump on the waiting list.

15. Write! Start or update your diary.

16. DIY your clothing! My project this week is painting a pair of heels that got bleached from the sun.

17. Listen to podcasts! My favorite is DopeAssMom, GoalDigger, The Morning Toast, and SimplyBe.

18. Online shopping! I am featuring all my current favorite looks here.


19. Clean out your closet! After you online shop, you’ll need to make some room. Check out my closet editing tips HERE!

20. Create look books! Play dress up in your own closet, take photos, start a “Look Book” album in your phone and look at it every time you need inspiration.

21. Clean out your storage closets & pantry! Make Marie Kondo proud and take the time to organize your storage closets until they spark joy.

22. Clean your makeup brushes! This task is so important and we probably don’t do it often enough.

23. Clean out your email inbox! I personally never have time to check everything and delete spam, so this is the chance.

24. Clean out your camera roll! I swear half of my camera roll is random screenshots, this is a big chore on my list.

25. Print photo albums! After cleaning out your camera roll, pick a bunch of your favorites and print them for forever keepsakes.

26. Create collage walls! Devon Grace Interiors has mastered the art of a collage wall, check out their blog for inspiration.

27. Update your website! 


28. Have a manicure party! Mommy and me makeovers are always fun.

29. Treat yourself to a spa day! Bubble bath, champagne, face masks, and everything.

30. Massage! Since you can’t get real massages right now, consider investing in this Hypervolt massager. It’s an investment, no doubt, but I got it for Jason for Father’s Day and now we use it more than ever!


31. Support small businesses! Check out my posts on Israeli Etsy designers for a couple of my favorites.

32. Send cards to relatives and friends! Get creative with homemade cards for extra fun.

33. Buy gift cards to your favorite restaurants! Support their business now, and treat yourself with dinner later. Jason and I love Parachute, which is offering pickups and gift cards right now!

34. Check-in with your community! Friends, family, neighbors, and service providers (like your hairstylist or personal trainer), see how they’re doing and if you can help them with anything 🙂

35. Volunteer! If you know anyone elderly, sick, or otherwise in need, offer to help them buy groceries or pick up medicine. There is also the option to sew DIY masks at home and donate to local hospitals!

Check out what we’ve been doing at home on our Youtube video!

I know that some of us have way less time than usual during this time, mostly because we are taking care of our little treasures. I myself find it challenging. But believe me, having a schedule for yourself and your kids will help you find the time and space to do fun things together. I hope this post helped and inspired you!

Stay safe and wash your hands!



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  1. Elaine Lois Fishbein wrote:

    Great blog, Tali…here are a few more ideas:

    1. Join or create a virtual book club for adults or kids
    2. Zoom cooking session: for kids, making cookies together and sharing their decorated creations before going into the oven… for adults, well the sky’s the limit
    3. Clean out closets and donate clothes to charities who will pick up
    4. Family Talent Show: Each member prepares, presents, gets videoed and posts online for a public or friends


    Posted 4.2.20 Reply
    • Tali Kogan wrote:

      Hi Elaine, Thank you so much for your ideas!

      Posted 4.3.20 Reply
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