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Happy Friday loves! It is time for my favorite monthly blog post, sharing Israeli Etsy designers. I love these posts so much to make all my friends aware of these talented, unique shops that really represent my culture! But most importantly, I love to support small businesses whenever I can, and now it is more important than ever to support these businesses. Due to the pandemic, a lot of small businesses are at-risk and they need all the love they can get right now! So I am spreading all the love for these 6 small businesses that I am supporting right now, and I hope you can too 🙂


1. NoaRazerStudio

After redoing my dream home, I have been obsessed with home decor and accessories. NoaRazerStudio has some of the most eye-catching home pieces, that still have a minimalistic vibe. Their shop focuses on planters and lamps, all hand-made and hand-painted ceramics. This ceramic lamp is the conversation starter piece your home is looking for!

2. VeredBohotanicJewels

A huge part of Israeli culture is bohemian and artful shapes, so VeredBohotanicJewels really speaks to it. Their jewelry has a big dreamcatcher theme in a very unique way. This brand also uses a lot of fun colors like these bright green dreamcatcher earrings, and you know how much I love neon green!

3. YuliaTsukerman

Speaking of home goods, YuliaTsukerman is definitely a shop to be a fan of. These tabletop ceramics are just the right amount of colorful while still being modern and simple! You can find some beautiful mugs and tableware, along with gorgeous handmade planters like this one.

4. YULIjewelry

I am a huge sucker for minimalist jewelry, and YULIjewelry really delivers on that. Their jewelry is made of aluminum in geometric designs, not to mention their black, white, and gold color scheme is the perfect neutrals. This abstract necklace really called to me and I am imagining so many outfits with it!

5. Delftia

You’ll never find another jewelry brand like Delftia. This jewelry is all science-themed, which is super cool for anyone you know who is maybe a student or works in that field. My favorite pieces are the constellation necklaces, they have a Taurus necklace for me and all the other zodiac signs!

6. StudioFichi

It is rare to find such a cute themed jewelry shop like StudioFichi! This shop makes ceramic jewelry with a lips theme, and they make it so classy. They make lip shapes in necklaces and rings in all kind of colors like black and white, gold, and bold red. Bonus, they make ring holding trays too!

Let me know of any small businesses you are supporting right now and I will check them out!

Stay safe, stay inside, and save lives!




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