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There is something so unique about Israeli art and design! Israeli designs are usually geometric, artsy, and a little edgy. I am always excited to discover new pieces from Israeli designers to add to my closet or to my home. Etsy shops are my go-to for the most special finds and I am always browsing whenever I can. I am constantly discovering shops from amazingly talented designers that I can’t help but share with you all! Here is 8 Israeli Etsy shops I found this week that you need to know about.

TomikaJewelry- If you’re looking for trendy jewelry that can be worn everyday, then you seriously need to check out TomikaJewelry. They make pieces with chic geometric patterns in black and gold, my personal favorite combo because it is so easy to match. This is jewelry that you throw on in the morning without thinking and end up getting tons of compliments! I guarantee their accessories like these pendant necklaces will elevate your look without being over the top.

ClaybyDannah- As a stylist, I know the power of a great accessory–and that goes for home decor, too! ClaybyDannah is a shop that makes epic clay decorations for your home, like ceramic bowls, vases, tableware, and more. My favorite is the set of planters that are so glowing and textured, they look like a cracked dragon egg. Everything is handmade and totally one-of-a-kind!

SAGARTdesigns- This shop completely speaks my language in terms of modern jewelry designs. I love neutrals like black, white, and gold, because it is easy to wear with anything. Plus, SAGARTdesigns makes all of their jewelry from porcelain so you know each piece is handmade and a special work of art. These teardrop earrings look so expensive, but everything is reasonably priced and I see a lot of discounts on the site!

GilatDesign- Israeli culture is a ton of evil eyes, hamsa hands, and bright colors, and you can find it all in one place at GilatDesigns. Their site transports me right back to Tel Aviv! This jewelry works for people of all ages and there is a variety of styles, from boho to modern to classic. I am addicted to evil eye jewelry because it protects from bad energies, so I will definitely be ordering this evil eye bracelet set.

KNOTSstudio- I am “knot” kidding when I say this is one of the coolest shops I have found! KNOTSstudio makes throw pillows & seating in unique knot designs. Most pieces are made with velvet, which adds to the luxurious and special feel. Anything from this shop makes for a great conversation-starter in your home! I personally have my eye on this blue velvet throw pillow for our living room.

LeeCoren- Environmentally conscious friends, this one is for you! LeeCoren makes vegan leather bags and pouches, in stylish and modern designs. As a mom, I am always looking for fashionable bags to take on the go, and I especially love that these are better for the planet. Order your next purse, tote bag, makeup pouch, or backpack on her shop!

Danielle Mazin Hats- Hats are easily my favorite accessory. They can make or break an outfit, and any beautiful handmade hat from Danielle Mazin will definitely make it! Each hat is made with special details that make them one-of-a-kind. I personally received this vintage-y grey hat in the mail last week and it is the most beautiful, unique hat I’ve ever worn.

leebonkboutique- Who doesn’t love personalized jewelry? Leebonkboutique offers an exciting variety of personalized statement jewelry in stunning golds and colorful stones. You can customize with names, sayings, and stones for the most personal gift to yourself or anyone special in your life. This turquoise statement ring engraved with my kids’ initials is on my Mother’s Day wish list!

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