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There are few things I love quite as much as discovering and supporting Israeli designers. After growing up in Israel and moving to the United States, I’ve made it my mission to show the world the incredible talent that originates in Israeli fashion. Barak Lahav isn’t a new Israeli designer, but I’m having such a huge style crush on this designer right now (and honestly since I discovered him) I wanted to share a little bit more about this iconic designer with you.
Ever since I first met Barak, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with his designs. I first met Barak, back in 2015, when he showed up to my showroom door with the most amazing selection of designs to show me in person. He was in the United States visiting, all the way from Israel, and made it a point to reach out to me. Amazing, right? I was so honored to learn about his journey as a designer and what he wanted to achieve as a fashion designer. You may remember my mentioning Barak during my quick Fashion Week trip this year, too. I had the opportunity to wear his designs and I couldn’t get enough.

Once you take a moment to look at Barak’s designs you will instantly see that he has an incredibly unique design aesthetic. I’ve always loved that his designs have edginess to them, while still being feminine and flattering for a woman’s shape. This stripe gown is next level for a black tie event. I’m absolutely in love with this gown and HAD to do a special photoshoot wearing it. His designs are unlike any other I’ve seen (and that’s saying a lot as a stylist!). Between the out of the box design and incredible attention to detail you’ll see why I can’t get enough. How amazing is this ribbon detailing throughout some of the pieces in his current collection? I am obsessed! It’s such an unexpected, edgy detail.
Personally, I’ve always been drawn to wearing designers that I connect with on a personal level. Clothes are so personal and I feel even more amazing when I feel a personal connection with the designer. There’s something about learning about the designer behind the gorgeous clothes that makes wearing those designs even more special. After meeting Barak in person and learning that he’s wanted to design clothing since he was a little kid designing dress designs for his mother at the breakfast table, I instantly felt that connection and admiration that I’ve continued to follow throughout his career.

Barak has shared with me that he gains a lot of his inspiration for his designs from social media and street style. He’s a huge Instagram fan, too. You already know that I relate to this! If you’re not already following Barak, check out his incredible profile here. I don’t know about you but I’m always intrigued to discover where designers gain their inspiration from. Throughout my conversations with Barak he also shared that one of his idols that he looks up to for inspiration and motivation in his design process is Alber Elbaz.
Barak’s must-have item for every woman? Hats! He believes hats are an easy way to transform and complete any outfit. As a stylist, I have to agree with Barak on this one. Hats really are such a great way to transform a look in an instant. Plus, they’re the perfect way to turn a bad hair day into a good one.
Between the personal connection and major style crush of Barak Lahav’s designs this is exactly why I’ve decided to partner with Barak, and the amazing Dana Rebecca, for a super special event happening in Chicago this month. I’ll be sharing more about that event on my social media, be sure you stay tuned! One of Barak’s goals as a fashion designer is to share his designs globally, which is another reason I’m so excited to do exactly that with attendees of this event!
introducing Barak Lahav, Tel Aviv couture
Introducing Barak Lahav
Do you want to get on the invite list for my upcoming event? Send me an email! There’s limited space available and I promise you’re not going to want to miss out on this.
My photos credit Hallie Duesenberg


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