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gift wrapping tutorial

We’ve all been busy shopping for the perfect gifts, but I’ve always felt the gift giving experience starts with beautiful wrapping! Is there anything better than receiving a gift that’s been wrapped beautifully? I partnered with the amazing Nicole Maret from The Order to create the most epic gift wrapping tutorial for you! Since Nicole is such a creative individual, and incorporates the most incredible bows to her designs we decided to help you take your gift wrapping up a notch this season.


Ten years ago, when I was just starting Tel Aviv Couture, I was lucky enough to have Nicole Maret as my intern. I will never forget the amazing impact she made on my brand. Today Nicole is the founder and creator of her own brand The Order. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to watch Nicole grow and launch her own brand and I couldn’t be more proud to know her personally. Not to mention, I’m completely obsessed with her unique designs!


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We had so much fun collaborating on this gift wrapping tutorial we put together for you. I can’t wait to wrap gifts with Katya! In fact, Katya and I have already made a bow ornament inspired by the tutorial. The best part is this bow technique isn’t exclusive to gift wrapping, you can apply them to create ornaments like I did, the opportunities are endless. One thing is certain, the people you give gifts to wrapped like this are going to be blown away by the presentation.

gift wrapping tutorial


Any paper from around your house (magazines, newspaper, brown paper bag)

Safety pins:
Mixed-size, gold & silver package
Customizable mixed-size silver 
Same-size, black, silver and gold options

Paper Source


This gift wrapping tutorial is a way to make gifts extra special for the people in your life. And of course it’s a fun activity, especially with friends or family! I love the creativity and love that goes behind it.

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Happy gifting and happy shopping!

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  1. mumsbuzzar wrote:

    In recent times, there has been a growing emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly gift wrapping options. Recyclable papers, reusable fabric wraps, and minimalistic designs contribute to a more environmentally conscious approach to gift giving. This shift reflects a broader awareness of the environmental impact of traditional wrapping materials and a desire to reduce waste.

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