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It is that time of year where we get to celebrate our love for all the people close to us! I am always excited to find thoughtful and unique gifts for everyone that has an impact on my life. For Valentine’s Day, I am a huge fan of experiences as great gifts. But it is still fun to have something to unwrap! Whether you are going simple or going big for that special someone this year, I am sure you will find just the right thing on this list.

  1. DYSON SUPERSONIC HAIR DRYER- This is easily #1 on my wish list this year! It is an investment, but you will save so much time and money at hair salons because you’ll be able to style hair by yourself. It is a life changing experience! The supersonic hair dryer makes hair really smooth and soft in seconds, without any extreme heat damage. Definitely an amazing gift for anyone who is always on the go. I have been thinking about this dryer for years and recently my friend Andrea Levoff (DopeAssMom blogger) got it… She never does her own hair but since she got it, she’s been styling her hair by herself and it looks amazing! I finally pulled the trigger and ordered it as a gift to myself.
  2. DANA REBECCA INITIAL RING- I have had my initial ring from Dana Rebecca for years, and it will always be one of my most special pieces. Mine is engraved with K and L for my kids names, Katya and Leonix. It is a great gift for moms, best friends, or significant others. The ring is available with 2 initials or 1 initial, so the possibilities are endless! Dana Rebecca makes the most beautiful diamond pieces, so any piece from her collection would be a winner.dana rebecca initial ring
  3. HEART PENDANT BY IMPERFECT GRACE- Jewelry is a staple Valentine’s Day gifts, so why not find something super unique? This heart pendant would make any romantic happy. Plus, the ruby stones are super fitting for the holiday. Imperfect Grace is a Chicago based edgy jewelry designer. I wear her pieces everyday and they have become a staple for me. I won’t leave the house without wearing something! Not only will this be amazing gift, but you will be supporting a local designer.
  4. COACH BAG- Shopping for a fashionista? You can’t go wrong with a new bag from Coach. Coach is my uniform, I wear something from them everyday. They are known for amazing quality leather bags that are always on trend, but the styles and prices are much more approachable than other designers. Coach’s new bag collection is inspired by their archive pieces and Jennifer Lopez is an ambassador, so it is the hottest thing right now! Did I mention you can customize the pieces? If you go to the Coach Michigan Ave store and mention my name, you can enjoy champagne while you shop, and get your bag customized. I did this with my mom and it was the best shopping date! It is part experience and part gift, the perfect mix. I can’t wait to add another piece to my collection! Shop all of Coach gift ideas here
  5. LE LABO SANTAL 33 PERFUME- This perfume should be on everyone’s vanity, year round. It is the lightest, sexiest scent and I don’t go a day without wearing it. I have bene using the same perfume since I was 15… thats almost 30 years! This is a unique edgy scent, and it is my signature. It is recognizable and I always get asked on the street, what scent am I wearing? Whoever you are buying gifts for this year, they are guaranteed to love this. Shop the perfume here. Want it customized? They have a flagship in Wicker Park where you can make your own scents!
  6. CUSTOMIZED LE LABO CANDLE- I am a sucker for Le Labo, because they just do gifts and smells so perfectly! This customized candle is a no-brainer. It is my signature gift, I bring it to every housewarming, bridal shower, dinner party, etc.. I recommend the candle in the same Santal scent, and the label is able to be personalized with a name or a sweet message. The bonus is when the candle is finished, you can reuse the personalized cup to hold flowers or makeup brushes.
  7. CHANEL LIP GLOSS- Who doesn’t love Chanel? A lip gloss by the iconic designer is the perfect gift for girlfriends, teachers, fellow lady bosses, and anyone else you are still gift hunting for. Especially because it is in budget! When I’m not sure what to gift but still want to give something special, this is my signature. It is impressive and iconic, and everyone would love to receive little Chanel gift bag. Effortless, but nails it every time. My girl Kelly at Neiman Marcus Chanel boutique will take care of you–make sure you tell them its a gift for the best extra special gift wrapping!
  8. MAGGIE LOUISE CONFECTIONS- Everyone can get chocolate for V-Day, but what if you got chocolate that was also fun art? Maggie Louise Confections doesn’t only make delicious rich chocolate, but it is formed into the cutest gift box sets. It is also very affordable and approachable, so it makes the easiest gift. My favorite is the lipstick chocolates! These box sets were super popular gift during the holidays, you guys loved it on my holiday blog! It is sold at Nordstrom.
  9. LINGERIE- No brainer! There is no better time of the year to refresh your lingerie collection. I recommend something red or pink. Personally, I pick my own lingerie set and then I surprise my hubby–it is a gift for both of us! I just picked up this amazing lingerie bodysuit and sexy lace kimono set from Victoria’s secret. Lingerie bodysuits are so sexy and they are meant for those special nights, but they also work under a blazer with jeans to keep getting good use out of it.
  10. VALENTINE’S DAY OUTFIT- Valentine’s Day is a major excuse to dress up and look your best, so why not gift someone that amazing outfit they can wear to celebrate? Whether it is a dress like this powerful fuchsia dress from Ronny Kobo with big shoulders that is so trendy right now, for your edgy fashionista date. If you have a more romantic style, check out this Attico floral dress and similar for less. For cool chic vibes, check out this stunning lace blouse and wear with some trendy denim. Find more V-day outfit inspiration in this blog post. 

What is on your list this Valentine’s Day?

Lots of love,




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