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What’s more romantic than the gift of experience? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to appreciate the people you love, whether it’s that special someone, your best girlfriends, or even yourself (treat yourselves ladies!). What better way to show someone that you love them than by sharing an amazing experience? And for all of us busy women out there, these gifts are super easy to buy and will give you a really special time with your loved one, even for people who have it all. Of course, gifts are always fun (and I have ideas for those in my Fashionista’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide), but an experience is something that will stay with you forever.  I personally really prefer getting gift of experience, so I’m excited to share these unique ideas with my followers! 


AIRE spa is unlike anything else I’ve experienced. The ancient baths are made with legendary Roman, Greek, and Ottoman designs that give you the opportunity to step out of your daily life with this back-in-time experience. And the space is just insane; it’s one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever seen. Jason and I celebrated our ten-year anniversary there with this experience of wine, hot tubs, and massages, and it was the best gift idea–an experience we will never forget. In fact, we’re going to enjoy the couples experience this Valentine’s Day again! AIRE currently has two swoon-worthy couples packages for the special day, that include passionfruit which is one of the best aphrodisiacs. Book your gift now! 


There’s nothing like an amazing styling session to make someone feel loved. This Valentine’s Day, I am personally offering my styling services as a fun, unique, and super useful gift. Everyone in life needs a stylist (including myself) to open up your eyes to new styles and new silhouettes that you would never think of otherwise. I just did a closet clean out myself, and I can say that it’s such a phenomenal feeling to refresh your wardrobe! I’m offering closet clean-ups and styling services starting at an hourly rate of $275. Contact me for more details and for a special closet clean up package.


Janet Mandell has a range of luxury-high end designer pieces you can rent to be the star of any special event, and her showroom itself is an absolutely mind-blowing experience. She has dressed huge celebrities like the Kardashians and Taylor Swift and can give you and your friends the same treatment with her gorgeous latest or vintage pieces and incredible stylists. Her stylists are amazing, but if you prefer working with me, I can also personally style people at her showroom. Any way you do it, this will be such an amazing experience and a totally unexpected thing for your fashionista friends. Rentals start at $200.  


What woman doesn’t want to look young and healthy? Any LadyBoss will appreciate a session with Leah Chavie, who I personally love to go to for treatments. She has a really amazing new machine called Vivace, and I love the results. It smoothes the wrinkles, and it’s not painful at all. When you go to Leah, it’s not a spa experience, but a session completely focused on anti-aging and taking care of your skin. They are very efficient, so any woman can easily fit a session into her busy day, and it’s a great gift that any woman who cares about aesthetics and anti-aging would love to get. I personally did the treatment once and will definitely be going back, because I could see the results right away. Packages start around $300. 


People always ask me how I look so young at forty-three, and my secret is the endermologie treatments I have been doing for years. I do them consistently, almost every week, and it has tremendously reduced my cellulite and made my skin look amazing. I constantly get compliments from people who can’t believe my age, all thanks to my endermologie fairy! Single treatments start at $125, but I would recommend getting a package because this is a really special gift and can have amazing long-term results for the beautiful ladies in your life. 


There’s nothing quite like the joy of looking at yourself in the mirror after a really good hair appointment. I love going to Bentley Salon on Oak Street, which is such a nice salon with the greatest service. I always work with Stefan, who is a really great colorist, and I am always really really happy with the results. It is the ultimate experience for a hair makeover, and getting fresh hair is the perfect way to give yourself or anyone else some serious love and confidence. 


Any romantic or fun experience you’re looking for, Langham has it all! I personally had the privilege to be a member of Langham Chicago this summer during my renovation, and let me tell you, it was an unbelievable experience. The basic level membership gives you unlimited access to their spa, gym, and pool, as well as a discount on their personal training, so it’s the perfect membership for families and people who are super busy and want those little moments of love and luxury in their life. The membership also gives you discounts on spa treatments, and their spa is hands down the best one in Chicago. I’ve personally had their massages and facials, and their service is just top of the line. The second membership level also includes the club level on the 12th floor, which is the most amazing place to work and hold meetings. Seriously, anyone you work with there will be impressed by the beautiful lobby space that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea. The service is exceptional, and for me, it became a second home. I’m even still in touch with all the people from Langham, so I would absolutely recommend this experience as the perfect gift for people who have it all. 



Say “I love you” with an experience that will change someone’s life for the better. February is the time when New Year’s resolutions start to lose momentum, so help your loved ones keep going with an amazing workout experience. I personally work out at Lift Chicago twice a week, and it’s the most efficient workout with the best results I’ve ever done. Their sessions are 30 minutes, which is perfect because anybody can find 30 minutes in their day. My husband works out there too, and it’s just such a nice, friendly and comfortable space. As soon as you walk in you feel like everyone knows you, and the location is super convenient as well. It’s the ultimate workout space for me to keep looking and feeling young, healthy, and energetic. Memberships start from $200 a month. 


These are some of my favorite experiences that make the best gifts for all the special people in your life. And as a busy woman who needs a few last-minute ideas to stay on top of everything, this guide has got you covered. Some people are super hard to shop for, but these experiences will make them so happy, and make their Valentine’s Day so special. I always love getting gifts of experiences and supporting really amazing local businesses at the same time (really a win-win for everyone) so I hope that at least one of these gifts will speak to you and you’ll be as excited as I am about it. 


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