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Zoom is everything now! From e-learning, to work meetings, to parent-teacher conferences, to virtual events and happy hours. One of my clients boss lady Nikki Sharp flew to Chicago for a styling session in the studio last week. Nikki is a former model (and it shows!) and expert wellness coach, and spends most of her day on Zoom with her celebrity clients. At the styling appointment, she wanted to elevate her tops and accessories to reflect her gorgeous persona on Zoom meetings. Nikki asked, “If I am on a call with Gwneth Paltrow, what would I wear?!”

The session with my team was so much fun and Nikki found over ten new Zoom outfit ideas. Nikki also taught us what wellness means to her and why taking care of yourself is important to success, that’s exactly why she invested in a styling session with me! Her message inspired me to update this blog post. A lot of us are not used to using Zoom for work, so it can be hard to navigate how to put your best foot forward. Here are my 10 tips to look your best on Zoom:


1. A cute outfit is a must-have element for a productive meeting! Getting in an office inspired outfit, as if it was a regular day, adds that extra motivation and fun mood booster! Plus, it looks way more professional. Nikki loves to stay comfy and needed outfits to match Miami weather and lifestyle, so we styled her in chic blouses, shorts, leather leggings, and mini dresses.

2. Keep it interesting up top! Focus on fresh tops with a great neckline, fun pattern, or chic layers. You want enough detail to look stylish from the chest up, but don’t overdo it! Simple, but significant is best. Even a simple pop of color blazer can make a statement.

3. Color is key! Careful not to get washed out by clothes that are cream or tan! In this case add brighter lips. But I do recommend to wear bright colors, jewel tones, or fun prints like florals. Nikki doesn’t normally love florals, but this Sandro dress was just the eye-catcher she was looking for!

4. Have fun with jewelry. Bring all your necklaces back to life! One of my favorite tricks is styling a chunky chain necklace under your shirt collar. The only rule is to choose a statement earring or a statement necklace, but not both. With statement necklace or delicate layers I suggest hoops. Or, keep it classy and simple with a tennis necklace.

5. Wear natural makeup for an effortless but still put together vibe. I suggest pink lips with pink blush and bronzer. Check out my updated beauty routine for skin care and beauty inspiration!┬áP.S.- There is actually a setting on Zoom where it will digitally retouch your makeup! I haven’t tried this yet.

6. Put a little effort into your hair! It can be simple, no need to get crazy. An easy professional hairstyle can be putting in dry shampoo and pulling it into a smooth low ponytail or bun. Takes 2 minutes, but makes all the difference.


7. In order to show up as your best self, you have to feel like your best self! Personally, I meditate or take 10 deep breaths before each meeting to keep me Zen and focused. Nikki is a wellness expert and coach and preaches the importance of healthy habits, healthy eating, working hard, and being true to yourself in order to be your best. Investing yourself is the best investment you can make for your business. It’s a lifestyle change that creates waves of change in your confidence and soul!


8. Lighting is everything! Make sure there is decent lighting for Zoom calls, natural daylight if possible ­čÖé Take the video call in a well lit room or in front of a window. This will be the most flattering lighting and ensures your call partners will be able to see you clearly. I use the desk my by window in the office, with a ring light just in case! If daylight is not available, a ring light is absolutely necessary.

9. Location, location, location! Find a quiet, private space where you can take the call without interruption. If you have a home office you are in luck! I make sure to let everyone know that I am on call so that no one comes in to my space.

10. Set up a cute background, nothing crazy–as long as it’s clean, you’re good. You can also choose from different backgrounds on zoom or even upload your own background. We did a birthday zoom party for a friend so I uploaded a happy birthday sign for my screen. Here is an easy┬átutorial how to do it.

I was so excited to have Nikki Sharp join us in the studio and inspire the whole team to be our best selves, and show up online with beauty and grace like Nikki does everyday! Check out this reel for a full styling session recap and follow Nikki on Instagram. Please save these tips and share with your friends! We got this, fellow lady bosses!

I hope this blog post got you inspired! Please keep in mind that I am also offering 1:1 styling services, personal branding mentoring, workshops and so much more. Click here for my full services and sign up for my newsletter. You can also always shop my top picks on the Tel Aviv Couture Boutique.



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