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4 FUN AND EASY WAYS TO SPOIL YOURSELF (Especially During the Holiday Season)

4 Fun and Easy Ways to Spoil Yourself
People always ask me, “Tali, how is it that you’re so crazy busy but always seem to look so happy?!” The answer is simple: if you make sure to treat yourself and make time to do what you love, you’ll always have a smile on your face.
I’ve always been the type of woman who prides myself on self-care as an essential part to being a healthy, happy, and whole person, and especially around the holiday season when we’re all running around like crazy, self-care is key!
Sometimes, I hear from friends and clients that they struggle to find the time or energy to even think about spoiling themselves. But doing things that keep a smile on your face is way easier than you think!
Here are 4 fun and easy ways you can spoil yourself, especially during the holiday season when, let’s be real, you deserve it the most. 🙂

1. Tea Time at The Chicago Four Seasons

Tea time four seasons
This lovely idea was first shared with me when I was invited by the fabulous Jennifer Worman, of Red Sole and Wine.
Jennifer invited me along with other close friends to this lovely event, and I had the best time just hanging out with the girls over tea and bubbly and the prettiest little bites, all on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon!

Spending a few hours in this lovely, pleasant atmosphere had me asking myself, “When am I coming back to do this again with my girls and maybe even with my mini me as well?”
At the Four Seasons, in addition to their holiday tea time, they also have a full schedule of special activities for children with Santa and gingerbread baking. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, this is such a fun way to spend the holidays. After all, it’s all about being joyful!

What can I say? I just fell in love with the entire experience! Everything was just perfect. The ambiance and the service are just the best, the location is amazing, and it’s really the perfect option to grab a tea and then you can go shopping at the super cute stores and boutiques in the area like the Marcus Boutique that carries my favorite jeweler, and Rachel Lynn.
Check out the Four Seasons’ Holiday Tea and special events schedule here. Reserve yourself a spot before it sold out because this is an easy way to dedicate just one afternoon to yourself. All of the sudden the impossible became possible!

2. Plan a Staycation in Chicago!

4 Fun and Easy Ways to Spoil Yourself
Whether you go alone, with your hubby or a couple of girlfriends, like I did, the time spent away from home but not too far away will be time well spent!
I just enjoyed a magical time with my dearest friends Ceta Walters of @clarkandstore and Andrea Levoff @andrealevoff) at the newly renovated Saint Jane Hotel. We also discovered that in the hotel there is the most wonderful restaurant, Free Reign, which was unreal and actually considered to be one of the best in the city. (Read more about our Staycation in Ceta’s blog here!)
By taking just a short time away from home without staying too far, I was able to come back home to my lovelies revitalized and refreshed, and that amount of joy I came back home with is priceless. Also, if you plan your staycation ahead of time and do a bit of research, you can always find some good local deals!

3. Me Time at the Spa

Hello there, Spa, yes!! Back to the Four Seasons I go when I want a top notch treatment at a closeby getaway.
The treatment I had was so effective, I could actually see results immediately including smoother skin and less cellulitis, and I’m a sucker for a good treatment that uses mud, as well. The Body Sculpting Thermal wrap which includes two body masks, one warm and one cool (the Cryotonic Menthol mask), was absolutely divine.
The best part about the spa at the Four Seasons is that despite the extensive facilities that include a large steam and sauna room, a pool and more, they have just four rooms for spa treatments so you really feel like you’re the only one there!
This was my very first time there, and the experience was so wonderful that the Four Seasons’ Spa is now definitely at the top of my spa list! (And you know I take my spas seriously!)

4. Move Your Body!

As you know, yoga and fitness have brought tremendous balance, strength, and joy to my life. And although I honestly never really look forward to a workout, the feeling I get afterwards is totally worth it.
Personally, I train with a teacher once a week, but the rest of the week, you can find me practicing by myself at the gym or at home doing yoga, weights, or both. It’s always good to have a local spot you know you can get away to and move your body!
There’s a new yoga studio in town that’s getting a lot buzz, Yoga Squad Gold Coast, which I’m dying to check out…this holiday season may be the perfect opportunity to do so! Check out their extensive schedule and find yourself a class!
So, whether it means carving out time for a quick run to your local gym, a bit of planning ahead to create the Staycation of your dreams, or simply popping over to the Four Seasons for an afternoon tea, make sure to spoil yourself during the holidays because the better you feel, the more love you have to give to others. (Not to mention, it makes it tons easier to stay sane and keep a smile on your face during what can be the most stressful time of year!)
4 Fun and Easy Ways to Spoil Yourself
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