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Fun for a Cause: My Family’s Day at The V Word Experience

The V World Experience in The Kooples Leo Skinny Printed suite
Print Suit: The Kooples

I am always on the lookout for new places and activities to enjoy with my kids, especially when the weather isn’t exactly cooperating and the park isn’t an option. So we were very intrigued to be invited to check out The V Word Experience by Vera Creative, the latest Insta-worthy art installation pop-up to open in Chicago.

The Mission of The V Word Experience

But it’s also so much more than that! “V” stands for Voice, and the mission of The V Word Experience is to give a platform to various issues while also allowing local artists to express their vision. Each of the 6 immersive and interactive rooms represents a cause brought to life through art, and in turn, a portion of ticket sales benefits 6 Chicago-based non-profits that work to advance those causes. And guess what? You get to choose which organization your ticket purchase will help! Since I have been involved with the Salt and Light Coalition for a while, I chose for my donation to go toward the fight against human trafficking.

Family Photo Ops!

My family’s fun day was even more special because we were complete with my stepson, Jaiden! It was the perfect opportunity and backdrop to get some rare photos of all of us together. Of course, it was a challenge to get Katya and Leonix to pose because they were so excited to check everything out! I loved seeing their enthusiasm and curiosity as they explored each room. It really helped me to introduce them to these very important issues in a way they could understand. Children are like sponges and they absorb everything, so I try to plant seeds in the hope they will grow up to care deeply about and change the world. 

Tali Kogan family in V experience

The perfect opportunity and backdrop to get some rare photos of all of us together.
My outfit: The Kooples

My Favorite Displays

I don’t want to give everything away, I want you to see The V Word Experience for yourself! But I will share a few of our favorites:

Since my own personal mission is to empower women, I loved the artist’s rendition of the room dedicated to just that. At first glance, the shapes appear to be a modern sculpture, but would you believe it was all done with hosiery?!

Because of my work with Salt and Light Coalition, the space dedicated to the fight against human trafficking really resonated with me and reminded me why I’m a part of this great cause!

And the room designed by the creators of The V Word Experience, titled “Illuminate Your Voice,” features confetti—need I say more? The kids were obsessed.

Finally, the experience comes to a close with allowing you to use your voice once more, by choosing from concepts such as Love, Truth, and Peace and pinning them to the wall. I want all of the above, but after careful consideration, I chose Peace, as it is what I wish for most for the world. Is it any surprise that Leonix chose Truth since he loves to be so brutally honest about my outfits? LOL.

Tali Kogan at the V Experience

My sequin bomber: Lola and the Boys.

Thank you Vera Creative!

I’m so grateful that Vera Creative celebrated their 10-year anniversary by creating this experience for Chicago, and that I was able to be a part of it with my family! I genuinely hope to see more art installations that serve the greater good in our beautiful city. In the meantime, The V Word Experience is open until April 28, so get your tickets and check it out!

Stay tuned, because I had a lot of fun styling my outfits for these incredible backdrops, and I want to share all the details with you! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss a single post. Until next time…

Tali Kogan at the V Experience Chicago
Colorful backdrops at The V Experience
Tali Kogan family at the V Experience Chicago

My outfit: Lilach Elgrab
Family Fun!

Kids and my sequin bomber: Lola and the Boys.

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Xoxo, Tali


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