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We decided to have Leonix’s 3rd birthday party at one of our best discoveries of the year, Funday, and it was the best decision made. If you follow me on Instagram stories you know Leonix has been obsessed with letters since he was a baby. Katya has loved Funday since they opened, they allow kids starting at 3 years old so I was patiently waiting for Leonix to turn 3.  Funday made every aspect of the party so special, including incorporating letters in the most creative ways and a custom made photo booth. The owners, Bela and Kiki, thought of everything for the kids and made it the most memorable day.
One of the reasons we were excited to host Leo’s party at Funday was because of the innovative space and variety of fun activities available which included arts and crafts, basketball, video games for all ages. Per Bela and Kiki’s recommendation we even had a special appearance from Mr. Singer and it was a huge hit!
The decorations couldn’t be more perfect! Not only was his name on the entryway wall but letters were incorporated throughout the entire space and art activities. You can only imagine how excited he was! It was the perfect afternoon, down to every last detail! I’m so grateful to Bela and Kiki for making the party unforgettable the most amazing party for Leonix.
You don’t have to wait for the next birthday party to enjoy Funday. It has become my favorite go-to destination when I have errands or shopping to do.
As a special offer, Funday is offering 10% off to anyone mentioning my name or this blog post!
Party Photo Credit : Cyndy Martinez


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