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Do you want to know the truth?

Most of the time…I only wash my hair once a week (with the exception of hot yoga days, of course!). Before you jump to conclusions and think that I must be crazy, I’ll let you in on my secret: Even Justin Anderson of dpHUE agrees. When you use good quality hair care products and a good hair care routine, that’s really all you need!


Here’s a day-by-day guide to my personal hair care routine that you can use to get your locks shiny and healthy all week long, too. 

Day 1: Professional Blow Dry + Treatment

Once a week, I have my hair appointment at Bentley Hair and Beauty where most of the time, I get my natural waves smoothed and blown dry. I recommend all stylists there and you can get 20% off if you mention my name!

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Bentley Hair and Beauty

Hairstylist- Lindsey Horn

smooth waves and blow dry

Day 2: Use Dry Shampoo to Stay Fresh

Just one day after getting a professional blowout is really too soon to wash your hair and ruin your beautiful look. Just touch it up with a bit of dry shampoo to stay fresh. If you feel like the wind or activities have gotten the best of your look, you can wear a stylish hat to rescue your do!

Use Dry Shampoo to Stay Fresh


This look is one of my secret weapons. I put my hair up in a half-pony bun, and I always get compliments on how cute my hair looks. This look is super easy to do last minute. It’s supposed to look a bit messy – that’s half of the fun!



The classic high ponytail goes with any look and lets your face shine. 


Day 5: Braid or Princess Leia Updo

Still haven’t washed my hair yet, ladies! Why would it when it still feels great and looks even better! Braids and updos are always impressive and can add an edge to any look.

Braid or Princess Leia Updo
The Princess Leia updo became one of my absolute favorites just 5 years ago when I learned how to style it in Ukraine. All you need is an elastic band and voila, you’ve just taken your messy braids to another level.

This year at NYFW I forgot to bring an elastic band with me, and I only realized this about 5 minutes before I had to run to my next show. I had to think fast, so I cut the stretchy band from the hotel shower cap and this is the result!

I was pretty proud of my creativity on this one. Check out this less than 2 minutes tutorial I recorded myself especially for you. 

Princess Leia updo


Day 6: High Bun

This is so easy to do. It’s really just me collecting my hair and throwing it all together with some pins! But shhh, no one needs to know that! Here’s a great tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCmfHC8P2dM 
High Bun

Day 7: Wildcard!

At this point, I’m usually rocking a trendy hat, messy braid or both, or another high bun or just wash my hair again. Depends on my mood, what I have going on that day, and of course, what I’m wearing.

Wildcard - a trendy hat

Hair Care Products You’ll Love

Apple Cider Vinegar: Works almost like dry shampoo to get all the grease out. Did you know that? Definitely a healthy alternative.

Serum: Locks the shine in, I really like Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Serum

Dry Shampoo: Honestly, I just use a super cheap brand that I buy from Walgreens, Psssst Dry Shampoo Spray

Shampoo & Conditioner: My favorite brands are Oribe & dpHUE

Hair spray for buns, Oribe is my favorite, especially love the smell. 

Mousse: When I wash my hair myself, I always apply a little bit of mousse to lock in my waves and I let my hair dry naturally. Living Proof is my favorite mousse.

Taking breaks from the high heat of blowouts is important to keep your hair alive, vibrant, and naturally shiny.

What’s your favorite hairstyle and products? Please comment below. I always love hearing from you.



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  1. Hilla Berman Fuchs wrote:

    Always enjoy reading your tips.

    Thank you 💕

    Posted 7.16.19 Reply
  2. Carol wrote:

    My first visit and I enjoy very much !

    Posted 9.18.19 Reply
    • Tali Kogan wrote:

      Thanks Carol! I hope you will check back each week.

      Posted 9.23.19 Reply
  3. Zala Hair wrote:

    Thanks, TALI for sharing your personal hair care routine with us!! TOP KNOT and HIGH PONYTAIL are my favorite styles too!! Super easy to do!!

    Posted 9.9.22 Reply
  4. Great guide!! That’s a great personal hair care routine for keeping your locks shiny and healthy all week long! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 11.3.22 Reply
  5. Hey great article. I recently got transparent closure wig will try these hairstyles

    Posted 5.10.24 Reply
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