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The magic of the holidays is here, so it’s time to go shopping! If you’re a fashionista like me, you’re probably already thinking about gifts, so I’m excited to share my top 15 must-have items!! These are all the things fashionistas need, with a great mix of high and low priced items. There’s something for all your family and friends on this list (and maybe some well-deserved presents to yourself too)!  These gifts are all on my wish list (and I might not have been able to wait until the holidays to get them!) Be sure to get your orders in early especially if you’re looking at some of the unique Israeli pieces!

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions–these are all my personal favorites, so I can answer all your questions about them. I hope you love these gifts as much as I do! Happy Shopping! 


1. Kobi Halperin

If you follow me, you know Kobi is a dear friend and has designed some of MY FAVORITE pieces in my closet. Kobi Halperin collection is available at Bloomingdale’s! Everything is chic yet timeless and so comfy – perfect for the holidays and the cold winter months. Kobi’s clothes are beautiful, effortless, and ageless, and they are the perfect gift for anyone looking to spice up their style. Every stylish girl needs a blazer, I recommend the leather Caden blazer or the classic black Bevin blazer

2. Collecte Bags 

You know how much I love supporting Israeli designers, and this is my ULTIMATE favorite Israeli brand for every day, high-quality bags! These bags are truly amazing and the ones I have are such good conversation starters that I’ve met a lot of people just by carrying them. Seriously, these bags have magic powers! For all my boss ladies, the Uracca bag is a must. It is such a badass bag and even fits a laptop, so it is a great gift for the strong women in your life.


Dana is a Chicago based designer, and her pieces make the best thoughtful gifts. Whether you give a single initial ring or a customized name cuff from her personalized collection, it will be one of the most thoughtful gifts they receive all year. I’ve been wearing Dana’s pieces for years, and they are so easy to get addicted to! Her Huggies are my favorite earrings of all time, and I also have DRD The double initial ring  with initials of my kids, which makes me smile every time I look at it. This tennis necklace is available in gold as well, the gold version is on my list this year! 


4. Imperfect Grace Jewelry 

This is one of my personal favorite brands– I wear her pieces daily, and I love how edgy they are. They are inspired by Ukranian embroidery, which is so unique, and always reminds me of my homeland. Hand-finished and bold, her signature grain texture creates a solid foundation for jewelry that lasts forever. I own these rings, and I just love layering them in different ways. Plus Krista, the designer is Chicago based and she is kind enough to offer us 15% off! Promo code TALI15. 

5. Maje 

This is such a cool brand with creative, stylish pieces. From chic accessories to fun, basic, yet elevated suits and the most perfect holiday dresses and blouses, they have everything that any fashionista needs for her holiday outfit!  If you’re wondering what to get someone, take a look at this varsity cardigan– I personally own one and it’s such a unique, quality piece. Plus, everyone needs an updated cozy cardigan!

6. COACH! 

 If you’ve been following me, you know how much I love Coach – they hosted my first styling workshop, and I shop there for myself and my clients all the time! Coach has been on fire lately: they just signed JLo as an ambassador, and their new collection is out of this world! There are so many things to choose from, like their booties (my followers, friends and clients are hooked on them), and their Coach x Basquiat collection. Also, their bags make the absolute perfect gift, and you can personalize them in the store, so it’s a perfectly personalized gift AND an experience to remember!


Unique, handmade jewelry by an Israeli designer is always a great gift! I have been following Ronani for a couple of years now, and I just love how she incorporates gold and texture into all of her looks! These Gold Nuggets are a classic, yet edgy look and they are such an exciting gift for anyone who loves natural looks, shiny things or just getting creative with their style. Check out all her designs on Etsy!

8. Mommy and Me outfits from Lola and the boys

There is no cuter gift than matching outfits. I am obsessed with Lola and the Boys matching leather jacket and sequin bombers, and Katya wears hers all the time. It is so cute, and always gets tons of compliments. And, the founder is from Chicago, so it’s another good opportunity to support locals! Because we are such big fans of Lola and the Boys, I was able to get a special promo code for you guys, so use promo code TALI15 to get 15% off.


 Another Israeli designer who makes the most gorgeous jewelry! I own several pieces from her, and it is honestly one of my favorite Israeli jewelry brands. The pieces are so elegant, timeless and very reasonable. The online store makes it easy to look at all their beautiful pieces, and they worldwide shipping! These pieces are perfect to elevate your holiday look with diamonds and handmade unique pieces. Use promo code “talikogan” for a special discount!

10. Stylish Hats!! 

One of my favorite styling tips is that one tasteful accessory can change a whole outfit! This is so important in the winter, and when the cold makes it hard to be fashionable, I always turn to stylish hats. A cute beanie is one of my staple items for the winter. Asos has such affordable and adorable selections! Your fashionista daughter or friend is going to rock that hat!

11. Aritzia Leather Leggings 

These leggings are affordable and amazing, and they work with everything. Every client of mine has them and if you don’t, you should definitely gift one (or two!) to yourself, your besties, and any other fashionistas you know. Every time I need a gift, especially for my girlfriends, this is the first thing that comes to my mind. It’s such a staple item to have in your closet, and it works for everywhere and everyone!

12. The Little Dictionary of Fashion: Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman

Every fashionista needs a fashion book on her coffee table! This is the perfect book when you’re looking for a little spark of inspiration to light up your wardrobe, and it adds that extra chic touch to your home. If you don’t have this yet, you’ll probably want to gift it to yourself, but it’s also a present that all your fashion-forward friends will love.

13. Chocolate Lipstick Case by Maggie Louise Confections!

OMG you guys, this is such a great find. It’s the cutest gift ever, and their sets are so fun for you or your kiddos. The colors are so pretty you almost won’t want to eat them, except that they’re also super delicious! There is a little something for everyone, from a caviar box for a bar, to Christmas and Hanukkah sets, and starting from just $25! Shop Maggie Louise Confections gift collection for different occasions, and for him and her, here.

holiday tali kogan

14. Ray Bans 

These sunglasses are such a fashion staple that I never leave my house without them! Everyone who knows me knows that these glasses are one of the pieces that totally defines me. I’ve bought them already several times for myself, my husband (I’ve gifted them to him twice!), and for Katya! The silver/mirror circle ones literally look amazing on everyone–I’ve never met a person who didn’t like Ray Bans, so you’ll be sure to please with this classic gift!

15. Justine hats 

 Ok clearly,  I am obsessed with hats! The good news is, so are many other fashion lovers, so they will love this unique designer! Justine Hats is an Israeli designer, on ETSY!  Every hat is handmade by the designer, and she combines fashion AND art when creating each piece. This is the perfect opportunity to give something one-of-a-kind, a gift that your loved ones will wear forever, and never forget.

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