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It has already been a few weeks, but Leo is
still talking about his super special birthday party, so it reminded me to sit down and share all the details with you!

This year was noteworthy because Leo’s leg was in a cast, but also because I decided to make a change and hire a professional party planner. In the past, I have really struggled with outsourcing and delegating; my mom guilt kicks in hardcore and makes me feel like I’m disconnecting from my kids’ special events. But WOW was I wrong—best decision I’ve ever made! My planner, Shilpa Hosler founder of Fetti and Fizz was just incredible; every detail was perfect.

The Ultimate Party Space

Lola and the Boys Birthday Party

Picnic style seating

We found the ultimate party space in the new Lola and the Boys airy, light-filled showroom. It’s the perfect spot for a party: there are so many fun colors and great energy! I will be finding an excuse to throw another fête there soon. Of course, the theme was Numbers, Letters and rainbows—Leonix’s favorite!—and Shilpa created the most adorable decoration and a gorgeous fruit plate within this theme. She even suggested picnic-style seating to accommodate Leo’s leg and make him more comfortable. 

Birthday Pary Entertainment

magician Best birthday party

For entertainment, we hired a magician Terrence Hunter of Total T Magic, and seeing the kids react to his magic tricks was just priceless! I had seen him perform previously at parties for older children, so seeing how he adjusted his routine to suit Leo’s age group meant the world to me. We also had a special appearance by a woman who is like a celebrity in Katya and Leo’s world: their music teacher, Ms. Aimee! She brought along musical instruments for the kids to play and had them all up singing and dancing. I joined in the fun, too! Aimee even stayed and played music while the kids ate; it truly touched my heart. musical entertainment

The Cake

Last but definitely not least, the cake! We ordered it from Izabel, founder of Izabel By the Park, where I love to get ALL my cakes. Every time, their creations just take my breath away, and this one was no different, with candied letters and numbers spilling from the center. It was almost too pretty to eat, almost—but somehow we managed it! birthday cake

I am so grateful to Shilpa and everyone who helped to make Leo’s party so special! Looking back, it’s crazy to me that I ever thought hiring a party planner would make me disconnected from my kids—it was the opposite! Thanks to Shilpa, who kept everything running smoothly, I was able to be completely connected to Leo and his friends, and to actually enjoy myself! I will never throw a party again without her, and I strongly recommend you do the same!

Xo Tali

Best birthday party


Fun for the whole family

Leonix and Katya outfits: https://lolaandtheboys.com

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