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Last week I took my mom shopping at Anthropologie. I knew she would love their clothes just as much as I do and I was excited to find something new for a girl’s trip – wine tour at New Buffalo.
Anthropologie’s new collection blew me away, I truly loved so many of their pieces. Honestly, it’s rare for me to love nearly an ENTIRE collection from any brand. We went back 3 times because that how my mama shops 🙂 and everytime I went back I bought something new. Like mother, like daughter!
My mom was in love with this dress and convinced me to put it on and I’m so happy she did because it’s not something I would normally choose for myself. After wearing it, I was convinced that this was made for me especially for this girl’s trip. Even as a stylist myself, it’s refreshing to try something out of my typical looks suggested by someone else. Stepping outside your style comfort zone is so fun, and also one of the things I love to help my clients with!
Now about the Peasant Anthropologie dress, I can’t get enough of how flowy and comfortable this dress is. And it has a Russian vibe to it, doesn’t it? Everything from the color to fabric is perfect. It’s a great dress for dancing, I can’t wait to put it on again!
Wine Tour, telaviv couture
I also fell in love with the Velvet Cropped pants in green. They’re exactly what I had in mind for a road trip. These pants are comfy and chic.
And then there’s this Embroidered Camo Jacket. When I was at the store with my mom and we found this jacket her first reaction was that I have a million jackets. She is probably right, but than is there are such thing as too many?? I personally live in jackets and love to layer them with different pieces to create different looks every time, they’re a definite staple in my wardrobe. Let me just say, ever since I purchased this jacket I haven’t taken it off! It’s such a versatile piece and looks great paired with everything from denim to dresses. It’s oversized style is pure perfection!
Can we talk about girl time for a minute? Getting to know your tribe and meeting other boss moms is so special. I had the best time spending some fun wine time with moms that are empowering, supportive, fun and filled with love (and wine, of course). I’m so grateful for connecting with these women as we shared love, laughter, and support in style.These ladies filled me with so many warm vibes, it was such a special weekend! It’s special weekends like this that make me a better mom and feel the love that keeps me motivated.
Wine Tour, telaviv couture

Ceta of Clark and Stone and Andrea Levoff of Dope Ass Mom

As a wine lover, I was excited to discover all the wineries that aren’t too far from Chicago!
Here are the list of the vineyards we went to:
Round Barn
Lemon Creek
Dablon and Gravity were my two personal favorites we visited.
Thank you Jackie for making this happen and for including me in this tour. Now…can we plan the next one?!

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