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Neon fila sneakers

The year is 1989. My family and I have just moved to Israel from Ukraine, and like a lot of new kids on the block, I want nothing more than to fit in. Naturally, that involves clothes, plus I am already feeling the pull of the style world, making me hyper-aware of the trends that I want to be wearing while dancing to Paula Abdul and Madonna. Leaving the Soviet Union meant we could only bring $60 with us, so money is tight and getting me the latest fashions is hardly a priority. (And I am so embarrassed of my Ukrainian clothes!) Not content to simply sit around and daydream, at age 14 I land my very first job as a babysitter and take my earnings to the mall, where I invest in my first neon piece: a bright yellow t-shirt with a giant smiley face and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” on the front!


Isn’t it amazing how clothes can be great memories for us? The neon trend automatically takes me back to the very beginning of my style journey, so it’s no surprise that I’m having lots of fun with it now. But I also recognize it can be a little overwhelming for women who don’t want to look like an extra from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, so I’m sharing my tips on wearing neon—from subtle to megawatt!

Neon matching outfits
Neon matching outfits


-Jewelry is the perfect way to incorporate color into your wardrobe and dip your toe into trends. I’m partial to earrings because I love how they frame the face—pair with a bright lip for a pretty date night look.

-To take a step further, invest in neon shoes. I don’t recommend splurging on an expensive pair because this trend is fun but definitely not here to stay. Choose sneakers or pumps to make your outfit pop.

neon shoes
Neon Pumps make your outfit pop.

If you really want to make a statement, go all in and rock a neon suit dress or coat at your next event. Pair with white heels and I promise you won’t be missed!

Neon biker shorts

Neon is a bold trend and not for everyone, but I strongly recommend you give it a shot. Please feel free to comment below with any style questions, and be sure to tag me in your Instagram photos to show me how you’re wearing neon!

For more outfit inspiration, visit my Pinterest page. 

Xoxo Tali

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Kids outfits from Lola and the Boys,  white chiffon top Barak Lahav, Fringe bag Collecte bags, white sneakers & lace suit Zara.


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