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In 10 years of styling, I can confidently say that my go-to item for any client is always a leather jacket. They can be a little intimidating at first but there are so many ways to style them, that they fit into any wardrobe. If you have been too afraid to try a leather jacket, this post is for you! It’s not scary, it’s the ultimate add-on to every outfit to give it that extra wow factor. Here is 5 reasons why you need a leather jacket!



My favorite way to wear a leather jacket is over a white button down to add edge to your business attire. Try swapping out that cardigan or blazer for a sleek leather jacket. You’ll keep warm in that office AC, and be the office fashionista!

how to wear leather jacket to the office



Leather jackets are notoriously considered edgy, and that’s why some of my clients have been hesitant to try them. I’m here to tell you, you can make a leather jacket more feminine! If you fall into this category, wear a skirt and feminine blouse with the jacket tossed over your shoulders to soften up the edgy look.



One of the most fun parts of fashion is getting to play around and mix different textures. Everything has to balance and play off each other! I use this rule all the time. Try smooth leather with fun fringe and soft suede for a layered, dimension look.



Looking for something more out of the box than a classic moto jacket? Find a leather jacket with unexpected details like this one by Kobi Halperin for an effortlessly stylish look. Try lots of buckles and zippers, a different color leather, or rhinestone embellishments.



One of my long-time hacks is to pull the sleeves of your top out from under the jacket for an extra style details. A simple pull of the sleeves adds a more layered look and it looks extra stylish.


I am obsessed with this Kobi Halperin embellished version, available here. It will also be available at the Kobi Halperin event I am co-hosting on October 17th. Email me for details and to RSVP.

Are you convinced yet why you need a leather jacket? I have hand-picked more options at all price points, so you can shop for your next favorite piece below!


What look are you most excited to try?




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