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Support Small Businesses

When it comes to gifting this year, there is a huge focus on shopping small businesses and I am all for it. I love to share Israeli small businesses whenever I get the chance to highlight so many of these talented, unique shops that really represent my culture. And it is so much more rewarding to know you are giving real joy to the creators and helping them pay their bills! It brings me so much joy to share these 10 Israeli small businesses that I am supporting right now, and I hope you can too. I am especially pumped about Lissimo lingerie, because every women deserve a new set of lingerie for holidays! I personally own their kimono and I am in love with style and quality. So without further ado let’s dive into the Israeli small businesses.


Lissimo kimono robes is the most versatile item your wardrobe needs! It can be styled for the bed, the city streets, even zoom dinner parties. Plus it is Israeli designed and amazing quality. I take them with me everywhere I go, for easy dresses and kimono cover ups. Use promo code TALI20 for 20% off!

Israeli Small Businesses
gift ideas from small businesses


These bags are truly amazing and the ones I have are such good conversation starters that I’ve met a lot of people just by carrying them, including my assistant who saw the bag and the rest is history. Seriously, these bags have magic powers. The New Turner round bag is a must. It is such a badass bag and the best part is it’s not a crazy recognizable, but it’s still a major designer. I also love this leather belt that I’ve been styling for my holiday outfits! Use promo code “lovetali20” for a special discount!



SillyShiny has always been my favorite for handmade beautiful diamond jewelry, I already own a few pieces from them. I added this hand chain to my collection over the summer and I seriously haven’t taken it off in months. It pairs with everything, especially as an add-on with more layered jewelry. Use promo code TALIKOGAN for 10% this item!

gift ideas from Small businesses



Hats are easily my favorite accessory. They can make or break an outfit, and any beautiful handmade hat from Danielle Mazin will definitely make it! Each hat is made with special details that make them one-of-a-kind. I personally own this vintage-y grey hat and it is the most beautiful, unique hat I’ve ever worn.



This Israeli fashion house is ultra cool and needs to be on everyone’s radar. They design modern contemporary fashion at very reasonable prices. I especially love the leather pants and structured coat, both are staples on my capsule wardrobe checklist!



This Israeli fashion designer found her calling with bold patterns and boho staples, inspired by art and culture. Anything from this collection is your newest obsession and statement piece, for sure. Just imagine this coat over a plain white tee and jeans, it’s an automatic high-fashion look! And this dress screams effortless holiday party style.

small businesses coat


Shani Jacobi is on point with the Insta and Pinterest-worthy jewelry look. The jewelry trends right now are maximizing your minimalist jewelry and lucky for you, Shani Jacobi keeps this in mind and sells in stackable sets. It’s designed for mixing and matching contemporary layered pieces, like this variety set of earrings.



“Yoster comes from the desert” is their catchphrase, and the coolness and beauty really shows. The unique textured jewelry makes the perfect statement for minimalist lovers. I’m drawn to these organic shapes like I’ve never seen. You can order directly from Eye of Iris, another local Chicago small business that sells from different designers and you can shop easily in one place. I love the melted hoops and basic hammered rings.

Jewelry from small businesses
small businesses jewelry


I’m all about mixing art and fashion and DDNKA nailed it. This kinematic jewelry is inspired by art, architecture, science, and technology and is definitely a conversation starter. Doesn’t this bracelet belong on the cover of Vogue?! It’s that chic, you don’t need to wear anything else. They are also available on Eye of Iris website, click here!

gifts from small businesses


SisterM shared their face masks collection with me, and OMG you guys, EPIC masks that I was missing from my life! So of course I had to share on the blog. SisterMDesigns created ultra chic versions of the newest “it” accessory. These moments of lace, sheer polka dots, and silver fringe are so special. I am definitely obsessed!

small businesses

face masks small businesses


When I wore these pieces from Frett’s line of slow-made luxury knitwear, it wasn’t just love at first sight. The line may seem almost angelic, from the color palette, to the softness to the ethical production behind it. I love that I can take a Frett sweater and pair it with anything! It’s a great gift idea, who doesn’t need a new sweater? I am ordering for my nanny this year… Use promo code TLVFRETT15 for 15% off your purchase this season!

knitwear small businesses


knitwear small businesses
support small businesses

All of these Israeli small businesses have something for everyone and you’re really helping those who need it this year. Plus it’s validation that they really got this, and their hard work is paying off. If you are looking for more last-minute gift ideas, check out my full gift guide series and my post on out-of-the-box experiences that you can gift this year.

Please keep in mind that I am also offering 1:1 styling services, workshops and so much more. Click here for my full services and sign up for my newsletter to get on the list for my next gift shopping virtual event. You can also always shop my top picks on the Tel Aviv Couture Boutique, so many items are on sale right now!

Happy gifting and happy shopping!

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