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I’ve always had friends older than me that have said “Just wait until you get to 40, it gets really tough!” But guess what? Here I am, turning 41, and I completely disagree!!! I think this is the best phase and age of life yet, and every year, it just gets better and better.
But it’s not always easy. As I turn 41 this year, I wanted to look back at what I’ve learned, especially lately, and share those lessons with you. Life is all about learning, and each year I’m amazed at what new lessons I’ve learned. I’m sure a lot of you can relate.

Lesson 1: Prioritize yourself!

Make time for self-love, exercise, quiet time, whatever you need to feel your best – something I didn’t always do, especially when Katya was young. As women, it can be hard to focus internally but you must! I learned how to take care of my family, my body and my soul, and I am thrilled to be able to inspire others in any capacity. Believe it or not, I feel in the happiest and best shape of my life! Wiser, leaner, younger and more at peace! You only have one body, one mind, one soul, so treat it well.

Lesson 2: Kids do grow fast ūüôĀ

 I learned to remind myself this everyday and spend the most time I can with them. My favorite part of working for myself is having the privilege of planning my days around my kids. I feel grateful to be able to do that.
For me, raising two is easier than one in some ways.¬† Yes I mean it! The early stages of two kids was a lot of sleepless hours, but 15 months later, Katya makes Leo breakfast and feeds him and reads to him and¬†teaches him everything she can. The moms out there can understand that feeling of pride and love that’s floating in my body when I see them interact in these ways. Paying attention to them as much as I can, before they go off to college, is a huge lesson.

Lesson 3: Saying no is OK!

This can be hard as a women, but the party will got on without you (thank you, Andrea, for the quote!). You don’t have to do it all to be a good mom, wife, friend, daughter, etc. I learned the hard way!

Lesson 4: You can create a family-like community with readers and friends.

¬†I know I’ve said many times how grateful I am to be able to follow my dreams and do what I love the most, and I really mean it! I wouldn’t have been able to discover myself as a blogger, stylist & consultant without my readers. I can’t even believe the progress I have made this year with gaining new incredible clients such as Ceta Walters from Clark & Stone, Jessica Zweig, Everything Erica¬†and¬†Carla Jian…¬†Mostly all¬†in one month!¬†Seriously, working with¬†these influential and powerful beauties is way beyond my dream. And the best part is that they all became dear friends.

Moving 3 counties in my life wasn’t always easy. One thing my friends and all of you have done is made it effortless for me to find my Chicago family, especially because my actual family all live in Israel! I love and thank you for that.

Lesson 5: Don’t ever take people for granted & compliment to connect.

It’s not enough to feel grateful, it’s also important to express it as often as possible. I am¬†known to be someone who is not cheap with¬†compliments and you¬†shouldn’t be either. I feel if people around you are happy, you¬†will be happy too! That little¬†compliment can make a huge¬†impact on the energy you will get from that person. You have no idea how a small compliment can brighten the entire day, so don’t be shy about spreading kindness.

Lesson 6: It’s important to build your values and what you live your life by.

As a blogger, sometimes it’s intimidating¬†seeing other mega successful bloggers with thousands of followers and doing all sort of cool projects. I learned that¬†instead of chasing new followers, I will be focusing on what I have, existing readers and clients, and¬†focusing in bringing value to them. For me, that’s staying true to myself, working hard, being positive, and surrounding myself with people that make me feel good. For me, this is the key to not only a happy life, but to achieving my goals as well.
So there you have it, my lessons at age 41! I’d love to hear what you have learned by whatever age you are.
Happy birthday to me!



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  1. Ceta wrote:

    Happy Birthday Tali! I am so grateful for you consulting me with the start of my blog. ?

    Posted 5.11.17 Reply
    • tac-admin wrote:

      This moment was on the high lights of my career. Thats my favorite part to connect with inspiring and talented friend that truly empower others. Thank you for the opportunity to be there for you. I couldn’t be more proud of you.

      Posted 5.14.17 Reply
  2. Merav wrote:

    Great post and absolutely adorable photos!!!

    Posted 5.11.17 Reply
  3. Eleni P. wrote:

    You are not 41 you are so young in spirit ūüôā Very lovely post. keep it up x

    Posted 7.19.17 Reply
    • tac-admin wrote:

      Thank you so much, I feel young, I feel like 41 is just a beginning ūüôā

      Posted 7.25.17 Reply
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