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detox and workout

If you’ve been following me through quarantine you’ll know that I am all about  emerging from this crazy time as our best selves. In June I wrote about being your most stylish self and Shaping Your Narrative Through Style, and now I want to focus on another step: getting back in shape and flattening that quarantine tummy! And I’m sharing how I did it with a detox… 

During quarantine when you’re stuck in the house all the time, it’s so easy to start eating and drinking more. In lockdown I was enjoying the best cooking from Jason, and we got a new wine fridge! I swear, never drank so much wine in my life! By the end of it, I was definitely noticing a bit of a quarantine tummy. I don’t own a scale so I couldn’t put a number on it, but I noticed that my clothes started to fit tighter, and at one point Katya even asked me if I was pregnant (you know, kids never lie)!  It’s totally natural to gain some weight, especially during quarantine, but I could tell that I needed to make some changes to get back in shape and be the best version of myself.


I love a good detox. Last year I did an amazing Raw Detox that Had Me Eating, Looking, And Feeling Amazing in 30 Days, and in general I think it’s a great way to get yourself back in shape.  I always try to stay really healthy and really pay attention to my eating and workouts (since I gain weight very very easily), but once a year I also love to just clean myself out and reset my body with a detox. 

detox and working out

I decided on this specific program because I did it two years ago, and I absolutely loved the process and the results. It made me feel so clean, and it even helped me to change my whole lifestyle. I’m definitely not on a diet all the time, but I try to always have a balance between maintaining really healthy eating habits and enjoying the foods and experiences I love. Since I don’t own a scale, I really like to listen to my body, and see how I feel. If I start not fitting into my clothes, I realize that it’s time to make some changes. 

At the end of this quarantine, I knew I needed to stop my routine of unhealthy eating and drinking and start getting back in shape because I want to be the best version of myself. And this detox program is perfect for weight loss and getting rid of your quarantine tummy, but also for a lot of other things like sleep problems, inflammation, helping your immune system (so important right now!) or just getting your body on a healthy routine. 

getting fit and detox after quarantine


For this detox I went to my friend Dr. Sonia Kwapisinski, who was an amazing guide through this whole process. Sonia suggested I get a scale and I am so glad she did. At first I realized that I was 7 pounds heavier from my last doctors appointment, which is a lot for petite girl like me. So it was another big motivator to start the detox! 

The whole process is very flexible, you can do it for a longer or shorter time based on your goals and how strictly you want to follow it. At the beginning I was probably only 90% dedicated. I’m very motivated, but it’s very hard for me to not eat sweets. I love sweets, and it’s hard to resist them, especially at night… I mostly would indulge on honey, which is not that bad but also not great for late night.

I had initially intended to do the program for two weeks, but since I didn’t go 100% initially, I decided to do it for around a month. So the whole program can be very flexible, based on how strict you want to be and how long you want to do it. 

Basically, the detox includes eating clean and using natural homeopathic drops that reset your brain and get you ready to lose weight. When I started out, Sonia gave me a list of things I could eat, which helped me to have freedom over my own meals, but still make sure everything I was putting in my body was super clean.  I can eat as much as I want within this list, but only those things. In the first few days I was eating fats, but for the rest of it, there was pretty much no fats or carbs, just certain fruits, vegetables, and lots of proteins. 

Throughout the whole process, I always had Sonia to guide and monitor me. Every week I would text her a pic of my pee test, and she would tell me if anything needed to be adjusted in my system. The first week I was very dehydrated, which she helped me realize so I knew to drink more water. It was also super helpful to have Sonia because every time I cheated I would text her “oh my god look what I just ate!” she would tell me it’s ok, tomorrow is another day, and just let me know what to adjust to make up for it. No matter what happens she always has something that’s really helpful to do and will keep you on track to get in shape. 

This detox was such an amazing experience, but it’s also important to remember that you can’t rely only  on the detox to magically look amazing in to weeks. I always make sure to keep myself strong and active with my 9 Things You Can Do to Stay Healthy and Fit like classes and personal training sessions. I also like to do a lot of very active things with my family (like my 9 New Hobbies to Try During the Pandemic!) and stay active in general in addition to doing my best to eat healthy every day. 

working out and detox after quarantine


I did this program because I knew it would give me great results and that was true this time too! Since I was cheating a little bit the first couple of weeks, I saw results but not as quickly. But in the third week I tried to do it without cheating, and I started seeing a really big difference.  

After doing the detox I can definitely say that I did lose the weight and get rid of my quarantine tummy. I didn’t lose a ton of weight in terms of pounds because I worked out a lot and gained muscle, but it’s not about the numbers! I am a lot more fit and tight, and everything fits so much better. Also, I feel much lighter, sleep really well and wake up early feeling energized and ready for every day. It’s really changed my life in those small ways and helped me get out of this quarantine in the best possible way. 


So ladies, are you ready to feel fabulous again? Contact Dr. Sonia to get started on your own detox journey and stick around on the blog for more helpful posts like my new favorite Insta-Worthy Workout Pieces from Goldsheep (+ promo code!) my secrets for Staying Fit in Quarantine and The Most Flattering Pieces for a Quarantine Tummy. Now is the perfect time to do some self-care and feel your absolute best as we enter this new phase, so let’s start getting fit and feeling fantastic!


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