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As the weather gets warmer and we’re about to get out of this stage of quarantine, it’s the perfect opportunity to emerge as the absolute best version of yourself. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to think about how you can shape your narrative and find your style!

I recently participated in a Zoom panel for Salt and Light Coalition. Salt and Light supports women who have been affected by human trafficking, helping them heal and start a new life through amazing programs and job training. I volunteer with the women when they are ready for job interviews, teaching them how to create a style that puts their best foot forward. As I was talking in the panel about how to draw from your identity and create your own personal style, I thought: this would be the best blog post! Not everyone can necessarily afford a stylist, or even needs one, but this can be the perfect tool for anyone who wants to find their own style. 

So I’ve decided to simplify it and put it in five steps to make it easy and fun to read and implement.


The first step to finding your style is defining your style icons. Whose outfits do you like the most and who can you relate to? I am inspired by my fabulous mom and @lubajakobson (my bestie since I was a teenager), as well as Coco Chanel, Duma Miroslava, Kate Moss, and the entire Sex in the City show! And I can’t forget my fellow fashion bloggers like @Helen_Berkun, @clarkandstone, @jaceyduprie, and @whoworewhat

Once you identify a few people, try to understand what you love about their styles. Start collecting inspiration with a pinterest board, which is really easy and fun, or a mood board, which is more creative and can be really exciting to work on. Check out my Pinterest mood board! It really depends on your personality, but start with putting everything in one place. You’ll see some similarities, identify your favorite styles.

style icons


Now that you know what inspires you and have a collection of outfits that you love, you can try to identify and label your own personal style. This can be super helpful because putting a name on your style helps you to imagine it and find more outfits that match your vibe. 

I would recommend taking a look at your inspiration mood board and thinking of some words that describe it. I usually like to think about style categories like classic, modern chic, edgy, bohemian, feminine, and trend setter. But don’t feel like you have to box yourself in–it’s ok and fun to connect several styles! I personally can be any of the above but always with some edge, so I’d say my style is edgy. 



When finding  your style, it’s essential to understand your body shape. This will help you figure out what looks good on you, and what makes you feel good. Check out different prints, colors, and shapes, and see what works! Usually I like going to stores and trying on stuff in the dressing room, but since the stores aren’t open now, you can also do this in your closet! 

Researching current trends will also give you fun ideas! You can start with some of my favorite latest trends like the Trench Coat Trend that is Taking Over 2020 or some 5 Prints Everyone Will Be Wearing this Season. I’m overall not a trend chaser, but I would definitely suggest stepping out of your comfort zone. One of the best examples is the gorgeous leopard dress I got for my amazing event with DVF. I’d never ever ever worn leopard before, but since then I have so many more leopard pieces in my closet. So you never know–a little experimentation can be life changing!



Who doesn’t like taking selfies, right? Start putting together outfits based on your inspirations, and document the ones that make you feel happy and confident! I always love that feeling when I look at an outfit I’ve put together in the mirror and it really sparks joy. If I feel that, then I love snapping a selfie and putting it in my selfie folder.

I would recommend starting an iPhone folder called Lookbook, and documenting your favorite outfits there. It will be a great source of information when you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to put into your outfit. You can put together different outfits for different occasions now, so that they’re always ready and you can always look stylish when you need it. 



This is the most fun part! Now that you’ve done all the work, it’s time to take a step back. Remember that fashion is a language, and it’s just the best way to express yourself. Every outfit that you wear will tell a story about you, so think about what stories you want to tell. Anyone who sees you for the first time will look at your outfit, so make sure it makes you look good, but that it also really connects with you and who you are.

Last but not least, I just want you to enjoy the process! Finding your style is really really fun! It’s a journey of learning about yourself, what you love and what makes you look good. It’s a process of rediscovering your fantastic self and learning to show it to the world. And, it’s an amazing way to see and remember that you are beautiful. (Now stop and say that again: You are beautiful!) Finding your style is not about changing who you are, but about bringing out and showing what is so fabulous and amazing about you! This is a time for self love!

And, now that you’re on this beautiful journey, why not take the next step! You can start in your own closet (since we’re all still spending a lot of time at home) with My Favorite Closet Editing Tips! Let’s get styling!



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