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black lives matter

This week instead of creating fashion content, I am sharing tons of ways that all of us can help the Black Lives Matter movement and show our support. I hope that we all can come together and be the change! Of course, I will never understand what the BIPOC community is feeling, but I stand with them and I want to do my part to create a safe and equal world for everyone. Jason and I are so committed, we are looking in to organization to get involved. (I will keep you guys posted on my Instagram and the blog.) I am taking time to listen, to learn, and to do what I can to help build a better world. Also taking time to educate myself and my kids, to donate, and to sign petitions. I am using my voice to have tons of conversations with friends, especially with my international community, to raise awareness all over the world. And I hope that you can do the same!


The easiest way we can all help is by spreading awareness. Use your voice! And you don’t need thousands of followers to spread a message. Take some time to read and share posts on social media that spread information and support. You never know who is watching your Instagram stories and you could encourage, educate, and inspire them!


A great place to start is following more BIWOC influencers on Instagram. These ladies always post inspiring stories and discuss educational topics. Plus, they are such beautiful people, they deserve it anyway!












It is always my mission to support small businesses! These BIPOC-owned businesses deserve our support now and forever. Check out these 45 BIPOC creators and store owners. Shop gorgeous home decor, art, furniture, bedding, books, cleaning products, plants, and much more. I’m also super excited about these 11 Black-owned vegan businesses that ship nationwide–including snacks, sweets, and even makeup. If you are looking for fashion, read about 38 Black-owned clothing brands, including gorgeous luxury Cushnie. Cushnie has a collaboration with Target right now, so you can score her amazing designs at super accessible Target prices!

I also want to shoutout TOVE, a new fashion brand I just found out about. I’m telling you, these pieces from her collection scream summer! And KRWND (pronounced ‘crowned’) creates gorgeous personalized gold jewelry.


Donating is a great way to help in plenty of different areas. Even if you only have $5 to spare, everything helps! Places to donate include the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many more. You can also donate to organizations that support the BIPOC communities and their voices. If you aren’t comfortable with protesting but want to help, you can donate to funds for supplies for protestors or bailout funds to help wrongfully arrested peaceful protestors. One near to my heart is this fund that helps small businesses affected by the looting.


Want to donate but don’t have any cash to spare? There is a Youtube video you can watch featuring art and music from BIPOC creators, and 100% of the ad revenue will be donated to different Black Lives Matter causes. If you don’t have time to watch the full video, let it play in the background and it will still earn money!



This one is super easy! Every petition I’ve signed takes less than 30 seconds and helps bring justice to the many lives, especially those we have lost to police brutality.



Thankfully we always have the power to vote the right people into office. Make sure you are registered to vote not only for the next president, but for local and state governments! Change starts with our communities and cities, so you can vote to have your mayors, state attorneys, etc. be the right people in charge of our schools, police departments, and law systems.


It is okay to admit that we all have more to learn. I know I still have a lot to learn, too. The best way to make a lasting, impactful change is to continue researching and learning more everyday, and educating the people around us that Black Lives Matter. I am devoted to teaching my kids about the situation the world is in, and how they can change the world with love and acceptance. Have conversations with your children, family, and friends so that we can all come closer together and make a difference.


For everyone reading this, I want to let you know that I am here for you. If anyone wants to chat or vent, I am always here to talk. And, of course, if you need to take a break and see something positive, my blog is always available for you.

With love,

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