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Every Monday, I am excited to pop into your inbox (are you signed up for my newsletter?) with a hope to make your life a little more fun and stylish, and to inspire you to be the best version of yourself.  In today’s post I am going to tackle it all!! I am sharing with you some new experiences that I really encourage you to try 🙂 Clearly the COVID pandemic is not going anywhere anytime soon. On the bright side, we have more time to continue exploring new hobbies, and tackle things we never have time to do!! So, I want to inspire you with 10 new hobbies to try during the pandemic!! Who is excited?!


One major activity Katya and I did this weekend is paddle boarding with ChicagoSUP. And OMG, I am totally hooked!! Not only that, I had the best one on one quality time with my girl who was just as excited! So one of my newest hobbies was born. I already signed up for paddle board yoga and I am going to add paddle boarding to my routines!! I can’t wait to paddle during sunset or sunrise, how dreamy would that be?!?


While me and Katya had our one-on-one time, Leonix and Jason spent some quality boys time together, playing golf! Our entire family has really been into golf lately. It’s so fun, and safe to do during the pandemic. Diversey Golf is Leonix’s favorite, they also offer golf camps and a mini golf course! We also just discovered Skokie Sports Park mini golf course, and WOW! It is an around-the-world theme and has the coolest adventure for every hole. Katya doesn’t even like mini golf, and she was begging to come back here 🙂 It does need to be reserved in advance for safety and hygiene.


My next dream that I am researching now is taking virtual photography classes! It’s been in my mind for ages. I am obsessed with photography, and always have been. So why not to become a pro and get a big girl camera? I am so excited to try this out and practice at home! Any recommendations for online course or a camera?


For my stepson Jaiden’s birthday in August, I had the idea to put together a surprise party with painting, nature, and wine. The party company @fettiandfizz helped me come up with an amazing art party in nature! We worked with Daralyn from Palette & Chisel. The art party turned out to be fun for the whole family, and so cool to create art in nature, two things my family loves!! I’m positive we will be doing it again!!

family art activity


My sister @orlyfitness fulfilled a long time dream and finally registered for a wine making class in Israel! Unfortunately they are not virtual but it got me thinking about virtual wine tasting classes… It sounds super fun, a great way to break up the quarantine routine, plus you have an excuse to drink wine!! This article lists 17 great virtual wine classes to take at home. Let me know which one you are singing up for, and cheers!


I always have wanted to try new makeup and hair looks for myself, but I am usually so busy I never have the time!! I am so excited to make some time to learn how to apply make up and do my own hair… with Tracy Ftacek, founder of Pretty Convenient App and her team! They have been offering virtual classes so you can really nail your beauty routine and have fun doing it. I am taking my class soon, I can’t wait and I will come back with updates!!!


I was working out regularly with Lift Chicago and Yoga 2.0 before quarantine, so I definitely struggled with nailing a workout routine at first. After a few weeks, I learned to love working out at home and I got really good at keeping a routine! Since most gyms are closed, a lot of fitness programs are stepping up and offering free at-home virtual workout options. Personally I just discovered and have been LOVING @remykam! She has amazing Instagram videos that are super fun and easy to follow. I also really enjoyed Barry’s bootcamp virtual classes and Dana Method workouts. For more inspo, check out my post about staying fit in quarantine!


if you havent started that this is the time to find new favorite Podcast, my current favorites: DopeAssMom, GoalDigger, The Morning Toast, SimplyBe., the GaryVee Audio Experience, and Online Marketing Made Easy. I am always listening to a Podcast when I drive and during walks. It’s incredible how much you can learn in just a 5 minute drive!!


Fashion is also a hobby! Take this time to redefine your personal style! This post was so popular on the blog, have you read it yet? Check it out and start working on your own look book today. It’s easier than you think!!


You didnt think I would forget about closet clean ups? My stylist’s guide to creating your dream closet was so requested and so popular. You should read it, because I’m spilling all my secrets!! And it’s the perfect way to fill up a weekend. If you donate anything, consider donating to NorthShore Exchange, a local consignment shop that donates proceeds to charity!!

What about you, have you guys developed new hobbies during quarantine? Check out this post for 35 more things to do during quarantine!
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    You’re right. I need to move my body more. (My hobby is playing chess.)

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