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This past weekend I had the absolute honor of working on a unicorn of an appointment! Here at 900XTALI, our goal is to make the styling experience perfectly curated for you. And some major news! We are offering this very new, incredible experience for you to try out!


The main goal of my styling appointments is to have you leave with an epic new wardrobe and styling tips and give you the confidence that you feel even after you leave. This past Saturday was extra special because Judi Holler has had me on her vision board for over two years! This appointment was full of joy, happiness, and support for everyone involved! Judi worded it perfectly when she said, “Fashion is an energetic expression of who you are & that requires confidence but also a deep belief in possibility.”


So why was this appointment so magical? We did a styling appointment, wardrobe refresh, and a branding photoshoot all in one session! Judi came to me to find ways to style her new t-shirt line. And she left with over ten epic styling options! To make these looks a reality, Judi brought in an entire suitcase of her clothing! It allowed us to create possible outfit options with pieces she already owned while elevating her looks with pieces she needed! Since Judi was in town for this one day, we hired a photographer to give her a personal branding photoshoot!! It made it the most efficient and productive appointment to date!


I am so happy to announce we have one more availability for a VIP styling appointment in October and only two more left for November! To start the process, email Holli at hollikulpaka@gmail.com or text her at 1 (630) 930-4665. View other appointment details here! See you soon! (:

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