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tali kogan: personal stylist and consultant in chicago

Tali Kogan is the founder of Tel Aviv Couture. As a personal stylist, event producer, and business consultant, she combines her expertise in fashion and lifestyle with her unwavering love for Israel in every Tel Aviv Couture project. 

Founded in 2007, Tel Aviv Couture is a growing platform that gives a stage to up and coming international artists. Showcasing Tali’s collaborations with brands from around the world as an ambassador, merchandising looks, and helping designers break into the American market.  Tali’s keen eye for fashion was cultivated by the heavy couture influence of her Russian and Ukrainian roots. When she later moved to Tel Aviv, she gained professional styling experience. This came from working in the local fashion industry, on the heels of her 3 year leadership, as a ranking officer in the elite Israeli Defence Force. 

She went on to channel her strong management skills building successful careers in travel, real estate and accounting. Tali’s sharp business mind, coupled with her passion for design, makes her a powerhouse of both brains and beauty.

Today, the proof is in her achievements as a multi-faceted businesswoman. Living in Chicago, Tali began to help an Israeli designer friend launch her business in the States. She has since opened up the American market for numerous international designers. This includes collaborations with top Israeli innovators such as Maskit, Hidas, SisterM, Shelly Dahan, Ciporkin, and more. Her involvement in premiere events for Chicago Fashion Week, Israel Bonds,and JUF has garnered her respect as an influential member of the Chicago community. 

A fashion expert in merchandising, both online and in brick and mortar showrooms, Tali is committed to sharing the latest trends and brands. Tali wants her readers to be inspired to use style as a means of self-expression. In her personal styling sessions, Tali goes “shopping” in her clients’ closets, teaching them to use what they have and let their true selves shine through. 

Specializing in one-on-one styling services and special event production, Tali is based in Chicago, and is available for bookings throughout the country and internationally. To learn more about working with Tali, click here.

in her own words


about personal style: tali’s expert tips

Chicago Stylist Tali Kogan

“I mostly invest in designer bags, glasses and some shoes. The rest of my wardrobe is from versatile retailers like Zara and H&M…AND I never miss designer sales event!”

“Personal style is dynamic and evolving. I go from wearing lots of colors and complex pieces to minimalistic black, white, and gray looks. No matter what mood or phase I’m in, it’s always feminine with a touch of edge. “

“When styling myslef, I pick an item that hasn’t made any recent appearances and then style the rest of the look around it. If I can’t come up with a look I love to go with that piece, I let the item go by either giving it away to a friend, donating it, or selling it.”

Brand ambassador supporting up and coming international talent


“I’m honored to serve as a brand ambassador to the fresh talent coming out of Israel’s developing design industry. Doing my part to support this small yet innovative country is an opportunity I am so grateful for.”

“Being an artist in Israel is not easy, and out of that struggle comes true beauty you won’t find anywhere else. My goal is to create the stage for these artists so that they can express their unique points of view to the world and get the recognition they deserve.”

personal style inspiration

Tali Kogan, Chicago stylist   “I love the women I work with – they are my ultimate inspiration! Through my styling sessions and blog posts, I aim to empower each woman with the tools she needs to be her most beautiful self.”

“Looking chic is not about who you are wearing, it’s about how you are wearing it and how you feel inside. If you feel confident, you know you’re looking good! And that’s what I teach my clients and readers. By providing inspiration on my personal styling tricks, every Tel Aviv Couture woman can feel like a celebrity. To me, every woman I work with is a superstar. “

“When I founded Tel Aviv Couture back in 2007, I started working with small, local boutiques and producing  a lot of local events, like monthly shopping events or fashion shows. Despite retail ups and downs, I’ve always worked hard to build this exciting brand for all women. When I became a mother, I chose to shift my focus to online so that I could balance motherhood with the life of a stylist. At every step of the way, building Tel Aviv Couture through my blog, community events, and personal styling services has been so fulfilling, and I love the amazing clients I’ve had the honor to work with over the years.”

Success and hardwork look good on every woman

There are no shortcuts to success. When you love what you do – and when you believe in what you do – you end up working day and night. I even work in my dreams.”

“My military experience allowed me to develop confidence and strength at an early age. I figured that if I could lead over 200 soldiers throughout the desert in difficult conditions and no spa or creature comforts, I could probably do anything. And that’s exactly what I do now every day. “

Got an idea? Think your brand is right for Tel Aviv Couture? Talk to me about collaborations.


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