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Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be hard!


As you know, I love to travel. And I love my kids. But the words “travel,” “kids,” and “love” don’t always go together since dragging little ones around on adventures around the world can be challenging.


Mom friends and clients always ask me how I stay so calm and stylish while traveling. Luckily, I’ve had a lot of practice with my two little angels.


When my daughter, Katya, was a baby, I traveled with her a lot, and she gave me tons of experience, (you know how they say every challenge is an opportunity…). Leonix, on the other hand, is all zen and easy going, so between the two of them, I’ve mastered the art of traveling with kids in style!

And so, with all of this experience of mine, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of my 11 best tips and tricks to make traveling with your kids fun…and stylish!



My Top 11 tried and true tips for traveling with kids (in style!)

1. Pack versatile, chic staple pieces for mama and comfy basics for the babes.

I always try packing super light, and while that may not sound so appealing to you fashionistas, trust me, you can still pack light and maintain your fabulous style.

I especially love bringing jumpsuits like this one because they can be worn in so many ways. Think chic staple pieces and many layers.


White sneakers, one denim jacket that can be dressed down for daytime and dressed up for night, and if you’ve got room, grab that sexy leather jacket, too.

For the kids, it’s all about the comfy pieces such as Katya’s Lola and the Boys angel sweatshirt that we love and Leo’s H&M separates.


Don’t forget the pjs! Lots of pjs….


And don’t forget tons of pajamas. I’ll never underpack in the PJ department after my last trip to Florida when I almost ran out of them!

2. Make a mini bar for the mini people

Prepare mini-sized portions of various snacks ready and on-hand so that your kids will stay satisfied and happy. I pack all sorts of snacks in little ziplock bags. The kids get really excited about these treats, and I make sure to have the stuff I know they love.

Leo is a fan of Yogis and Happy Puffs, and Katya’s more of a mini muffin girl. I also make sure to have gum for Katya’s ears (and mine!), and of course I bring along veggies and fruit for in between the “good” stuff.

3. Have the right entertainment on board

Aside from Katya’s recent obsession with Frozen, you’ll never guess what she watched the majority of the flight…home videos of herself! Yes! She loves watching the videos I’ve made of her throughout the years. Who doesn’t love looking back on their childhood?

Leo is more into Baby Einstein these days, so in between naps and snacks, that’s what he watched on his DVD player.

4. Timing is everything


When you’ve got a really little one who is still napping, book flights that take off around the time they’d go down for a little shluff. This is easier when you have short flights, but with the right planning, any distance can be scheduled just right.

5. Use a GOOD quality stroller

Don’t worry about the wear and tear you’re going to put on your stroller when traveling. The whole point of a good quality (often expensive) stroller is to USE it!


My UPPA Baby Vista served me well for a solid 5 and a half years and officially broke just yesterday (RIP dear friend!). Although it wasn’t the easiest stroller to fold, the storage space in the basket is everything when traveling, and my kids were super comfortable taking naps in it.

6. Toys ‘r’ Us!

Bring your kids’ favorite toys along so they have something familiar to keep them busy. Katya has taken an interest in playing doctor lately so I made sure to bring her doctor case with us on our last trip.

7. Don’t Forget the Lovie! (Because Last Trip I Did!)

Yes, it’s bound to happen on one trip or another…you’re going to forget the “lovie” or the “blankie” or that treasured security item that your kid just cannot live without.

Thankfully, Katya has since adjusted and accepted a new lovie from a friend, but forgetting such an important item like this can be a really big deal.


So don’t forget it.

8. Splurge on Photography


Now, this isn’t a tip that you might normally find  on every other “top tips for traveling with kids” blog.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again because I really believe it! Photo shoots with the family are an amazing way to capture special memories and save them forever.


Some of the best family memories are created when traveling together, and what better way to capture those moments than with a professional photographer.


When I’m in NYC, I always get in touch with Mariya Nicole who spends just the right amount of time with us to get some special shots.


The best part is being able to look back at the photos – which you’re all in because someone else took them!

9. Get headphones for the kids

In case you haven’t noticed, the size of kids’ ears and the size of adults’ ears are just a little bit different. 🙂

So if you don’t want to hear “Let It Go” on repeat, invest in child-sized headphones for your kids so everyone can be happy.


(Trust me, the iPhone earbuds fall out of little ears and are uncomfortable for them, too!)

10. Bottle, pacifier, whatever is allowed on flight is fine by me!


Traveling, especially flying, is *not* the time to break habits or enforce new ones with your kids.


Let your baby have their bottle or pacifier or whatever is allowed on the flight. Everyone will be happy.


It’s worth it! Keeping baby calm when traveling is my number one rule.

11. Buh-bye Birkin, Hello Backpack!


I know you probably want to break out that expensive bag you bought last year and never got a chance to use, but there’s a time and place for everything, and this isn’t it.

Instead, try something like this.


Traveling with kids is all about convenience and efficiency, so I invest in a good quality, stylish backpack so that my hands can be free all day long.


As you can see, traveling can be fun and stylish. You don’t have to compromise, you just have to be prepared!





In New York we loved staying at the Langham (if we find a great deal) and the Affina Hotel on East 34th. Both hotels offer rooms that include a kitchenette which is perfect for accommodating the needs of your little ones at any time, day or night!


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What are your tricks to staying chic on the go with babe in toe? Comment below with your best tips!



Safe travels, and stay cool!







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