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I want to talk about two things that have been so important to me this summer — number one, my friends and carving out time to spend with them. Number two, straw accessories! I got to combine these things a few times this summer and it was so much fun.
The best time to wear woven or straw accessories is in the summer! They’re perfect for a casual picnic in Central Park — which is exactly what I did!


My family visited New York City earlier this summer and the weather was so beautiful, I decided to put together a spontaneous meet-up with two fellow bloggers. We a thought a picnic in the park would be a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Everyone brought their kids and it turned into a fantastic time — we all also brought out straw accessories! This big floppy hat my friend Elena brought IS from ASOS and is sold out, but I found a few similar options here and here (one is an investment piece, one is super affordable!).
I actually found one during my last stop in Israel, so I got it to bring along on my Greece trip (which I’ll tell you more about soon!). This hat has been such a staple for me this summer. It keeps the sun away from my face and is so trendy this year

The bloggers I mentioned — Elena and Rivka — have amazing websites and lots of great content on family and style! You can check out out Elena’s site, DEVouture, here and Rivka’s site, Rivka Zerbib, here. Rivka also just recently started her own clothing line, which you can shop here. I am so proud of both of these women for following their passions and starting their own blogs and businesses! They have become great friends of mine who I actually meant through blogging. That’s what I love most about being a blogger — the strong sense of community and all the lovely women I’ve met. Elena Devouture and Rivka Zerbib inspire me on a daily basis — follow them!
Have you made time to have fun with your friends this summer? Don’t forget your straw accessories when you get together!

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