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It’s that time of year, the time everyone loves…the holiday season! It’s definitely a time filled with celebrations, events and spending time with loved ones. The past couple of weeks have been filled with personal styling appointments helping clients to get ready for their holiday events. Last week Nicole and I showed you how to style your gifts. Now that New Years Even is approaching, among other special occasions, I wanted to give you some style inspiration for your wardrobe and share my favorite holiday style tips to live by this season.
holiday style tips to live by tel aviv couture

Add sparkle

During the holidays it’s a great time to add sparkle! Even if you’re not normally one to add a lot of glam to your outfits during the holiday season it’s the perfect time to try it out. The holiday season tends to feel a bit more glamorous overall, which is why it’s fun to add sparkle touches to any look. Create a gorgeous, sparkly statement by layering necklaces with a simple dress – similar to what I wore at the event I hosted with Dana Rebecca this year. Whether you wear a full sparkle dress or just touches of sparkles with shoes or accessories it’s the season to add sparkly touches to your holiday look, casual or formal!
Sometimes for a different take on sequins for the holiday season, I like to wear a sequin top instead of dresses. Add leather pants or ripped denim to the sequin top and you have look that’s festive and different. Honestly, I can’t get enough of Barak Lahav’s sequin tops! How gorgeous are these tops, though?! My sister and I had the best time shooting these looks. I miss her so much!
Of course, if you have a holiday occasion that’s on the formal side there’s nothing like a floor length dress. I can’t get enough of this gold sequin dress by Israeli designer, Yaniv Persey. This particular gown is hand beaded and offers the most incredible detailing. This isn’t your average sequin gown! Anytime I choose a formal gown for an event, I like to opt for colors that are neutral with interesting designs. Yaniv does this like no one else! I think it makes the most amazing impact and has such a timeless effect.
holdiay style tips to live by tel aviv couture

Edgy twist

We all know those classic holiday outfits, and while they’re great go-to looks one of my favorite ways to feel a bit unique during the holiday season is to add edgy details to the mix. Barak Lahav does the most amazing job with adding edge to his designs, that are still appropriate for any holiday occasion. This striped dress is seriously insane! Instead of going for the traditional holiday looks, try adding some edginess to your look for something different this season.
One of my favorite ways to add an edgy flair to a holiday look is to wear unexpected shoes! Instead of classic pumps or strappy heels, try a bootie or over-the-knee boot. Boots are great for the winter months, especially here in Chicago, and they give your outfit an entirely different look with an edge.
holiday style tips to live by tel aviv couture holiday style tips to live by tel aviv couture

Combining different style elements

One of my all time favorite ways to dress during the holiday season is to combine sparkle/glam with edgy designs. The combination of the different, even opposing, style elements is such a stylish and unique way to dress for the season. Combining different style elements isn’t just a great way to dress in a unique way for the holidays, but it’s also a great way to express your personality through your style.
One of my favorite ways to combine different style elements is to pair something ultra feminine like sheer or lace, with something that’s edgy like leather or studded. Even when wearing the same color palette, like all black or white, when you pair different style elements it gives even a monochromatic look a unique twist that’s perfect for the holidays.
Most importantly, have fun with your style during the holidays! It really is a great time to experiment and wear clothes with a little more glam. Make sure you’re following along my Instagram stories – I’ll be sharing some of my favorite holiday looks!
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holiday style tips to live by tel aviv couture


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