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Who else is having a moment right now with a long cardigan? I know that I certainly am! This is a new wardrobe staple that your closet needs. 

 I can imagine the endless number of outfits to style it with from casual to dressy. One of my favorite looks is to pair it with a short silhouette like this velvet dress (one of Fall’s top current trends) or even a pair of denim shorts. You’ve got to give it a try! 🙂

Below I listed a few other cardigans that I love and remember when you are looking for a new cardigan, it doesn’t have to be a maxi. If this length is overwhelming for you, try the mid-length. Please also check an Israeli knitwear brand that I just recently discovered, Frett.  I simply can’t wait to get my hands on their luxuries pieces. I am going to order this one for sure and I hope you do too.

P.S. Katya had this cardigan on which we love because it is both warm and super cute. At the time of the photo though, she didn’t want to put it on, no pressure 🙂 you look perfect just the way you are! 

I also think of a cardigan like this as an essential travel piece that I won’t leave home without. It easily becomes my cozy blanket when traveling!


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