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Spring fashion is all about adding some color to your wardrobe. With each season, I look to my favorite designers for inspiration. When I think of bright accessories, the first designer that comes to mind is Reason To Be Pretty.  I am excited to catch up with Nophar Haimovitz, founder and designer of this amazing line.

So what’s the latest with Reason To Be Pretty?

With a new website set to launch next week and a Spring line called Color Block (see photos below), Haimovitz was inspired by a recent trip to Japan.  “My upcoming Fall collection is very boho-chic.  The Fujiyama collection inspired me to make my own collection more clean, more chic.  Everything is still all hand-dyed, but the colors have been more toned down.  Instead of royal blue, for example, I’m doing a denim blue. Its very elegant and mature. “

How did you decide on colors and materials for your current collection?

I thought about colors that would look great in the Fall and that can also take you into Spring.  I chose lightweight materials for Spring.  Comfort is a huge consideration in everything I wear and sell. 

How do fashion trends inspire you?

For shows and boutiques, I love showing my collection each season and I love mixing my own colors and developing new techniques that haven’t been seen before, but I also love making pieces for women who want jewelry that is trending now.  I use my Etsy Store to track real-time trends.  Although tassels and fringe are trendy now, I’ve been working with these materials for over six years now so sometimes you follow a trend, and sometimes you create the trend.

What’s next for Reason To Be Pretty, any immediate goals?

I want to expand to more stores.  I want to express that Reason to Be Pretty is a way of life, not just a brand.  Surrounding yourself with pretty things that make you happy and comfortable is what every woman deserves.

Tell me a little bit about the growth of your business. How did you make it happen? What advise would you give to emerging Israeli designers ? 

It took many years to develop a feel for my own brand. In 2016, I was featured in Macys and in New York Times.  I have showrooms in Japan and America.  Things are growing.  While I continue to grow, I also help Isreali businesswomen grow their businesses. I tell them to find their own voice.  Its about how you tell your story.  It takes forever to get a breakthrough, especially in the US, but it will come.  Keep reinventing yourself every season. 

Finish the sentence, Fashion is: my happy place.

Shop Reason To Be Pretty collection HERE

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