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Back in March I was inspired to blog about my yoga practice after finally doing the crow pose. Since than, I never stop challenging myself to learn new variations.

I remember when I took my first yoga class and saw yogies doing advanced poses, I thought that there is no way I can do it, it looked impossible.
But like almost everything in life everything is possible. Its all about making the commitment and believing in yourself.
I have been practicing almost 4 years, mostly at Core Power Yoga and supplementing with cardio and weights.
Besides the greatest satisfaction mental and physical, the strengths I gained is becoming pretty handy in life especially being a mom to my 3.5 year old energizer.

I hope you enjoy and get inspired by my Yoga and the City photo shoot that was taken in my home city, Chicago.

Thank you to one of my favorite yoga instructors, Linnea  Boulger at Core Power yoga who helped me to achieve these crazy goals.



Photography: JHC Production

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