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First things first, let’s be real and admit that navigating special days in lockdown is definitely an adventure! Quarantine has been an amazing opportunity to spend time at home with family, but we just can’t celebrate holidays or birthdays the way we used to. You know me, though–I always like to see the positive side of things, so I took this as a challenge to be extra creative this year ūüôā So if you’re like me and looking for ways to celebrate this year, this blog post has all the secrets you need!


This year was extra special for me¬†because Mother’s Day,¬†my anniversary, and my birthday all fell in the¬†same weekend. Crazy lucky right? I was trying to think of creative ways to celebrate the most amazing things in my life, when Jason suggested that we get away from the city to celebrate. I was skeptical at first–I couldn’t imagine leaving our new home that I’ve been enjoying so much, but I’m so glad we decided to go!


We decided to spend the weekend in a remote place in Michigan to enjoy nature and each other. (And don’t worry, we made sure to follow all the quarantine rules. The place was 100% safe and disinfected, and no guests stayed there during quarantine so we couldn’t feel safer.)¬†This little trip was amazing, and made me realize how much I had missed being out in nature.



There’s not a lot we can control right now in terms of where we can go or how we can celebrate, but switching up the vibe makes all the difference. And¬†I don’t just mean switching up locations, but the outfits, too! We have all gotten so used to loungewear and workout leggings that I almost forgot how amazing it feels to get dressed up. In fact, I realized that getting dressed up was the secret ingredient to the perfect celebration in quarantine! It seems so simple to change into a nicer outfit, but it made the celebration so much more special.¬†So there you have it: my #1 tip for how to celebrate a quarantine birthday in style is wearing the perfect dress.


I have always been a fan of white dresses specifically because they work for every season and every style. My sheer and lace dress is sold out from Aritzia, but check out this similar affordable option from Akira. One of my favorite ways to style white dresses for a party is with ultra chic booties and layered necklaces! This time I even added unicorn face crystals.






I knew this Akira dress was for me right away, because one of my signature styles is mixing feminine and edgy! The lace detail with long dark florals is exactly the unexpected vibe my birthday needed. I love floral dresses because they can be worn with sneakers, heel sandals, or booties. It creates the most effortless b-day look!





Accessories are the icing on the birthday cake! Since we are celebrating, go all out with a head-to-toe including the most epic shoes, hats, and jewelry. Check out my top picks for accessories to pair with these birthday outfits. Also my gifts from Jason perfectly complimented both dresses! A heart necklace by Imperfect Grace and gorgeous earrings by Dana Rebecca.



And that’s it! An amazing outfit sets the vibe perfectly to enjoy your special day with all the people you love. My birthday was so special. I woke up to decorations everywhere and discovered that the kids had already been up working super hard to make me so many cards and crafts and decorate the place with balloons (seriously, my heart just melted it was so cute). All day I was on calls with family and friends who made me feel so loved and so special! And to top it all off, Jason cooked an epic dinner and a caviar birthday cake! Talk about celebrating!

So here’s to all my quarantine birthdays and anyone else celebrating. Grab a fabulous outfit, treat yourself to a delicious meal, spend time (irl or digitally!) with your favorite people and enjoy your special day!



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