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collecte bag - tel aviv couture
I’m so excited about this post and the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite Israeli brands, Colle’cte β€” they made the beautiful bags you see in the photos. First, I’ll share about the fabulous designers behind these purses, then I want to discuss a special process I made up to help me avoid (expensive) impulse purchases, which is something that happens a lot with very pretty bags like these. πŸ™‚
If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember me writing about these designers,Β Tal Drori and Assaf Shem-Tov from when they were at Moscow Fashion Week. If not, here’s a brief background on them.
Tal and Assef are married and have three children, which of course I have huge soft spot for. They say they draw most of their inspiration from strong, warrior women and armor (how cool is that?), but that they also let each one of their unique customers inspire them as well. Colle’cte was founded in [year], but the couple started working together in 2009.
collecte purse - tel aviv couture
Their designs are so beautiful and I like them for their structure and attention to detail. With my bag, even though I loved it instantly, I didn’t purchase it right away. I first saw it years ago and have always kept it in the back of my mind, but just recently decided to pull the trigger when they came out with rose gold hardware β€” it’s so gorgeous I couldn’t resist anymore!
I chose to wait because I wanted to avoid an impulse buy, which is something I think a lot of women struggle with when it comes to clothing and accessory purchases β€” they see something they like and buy it immediately, then have regret later. To help avoid this, I’ve made some rules for myself, and encourage you to try them out the next time you run into this situation.
collecte purse - tel aviv couture
First, I have to say, doesn’t Katya look absolutely adorable? I just can’t get over how big she’s getting and how mature she looks in these photos. So beautiful! The designers were very kind to include the mini bag for Katya as a gift. Thank you so much Tal and Assef!
Anyway, it’s almost impossible to make a responsible decision when you fall in love with something right on the spot in the store β€” trust me, I’ve been there. Here’s what I recommend you do:


  1. Take a picture of the item and put it on hold.
  2. Check your wardrobe to ensure you actually need it, and make sure it will go well with your existing pieces.
  3. Are you still thinking about it after a few days? If so, then the answer is yes! But just remember when you add a piece to your wardrobe, you should get rid of something else.

Following these three easy steps helps me the majority of the time, so hopefully you’ll find them helpful too. πŸ™‚
I definitely thought about this Colle’cte bag for aΒ long time before giving in, and I’m so glad I finally have it! The designers custom made these for us in less than a week, which was very impressive and appreciated.
collecte purse - tel aviv couture
collecte purse - tel aviv couture
collect purse - tel aviv couture
collecte purse - tel aviv couture
If you’re crushing on this bag as much as I am, you can shop the Colle’cte collection here. And don’t forget promo code TALI15 to get your 15% off. If you fall in love with something, though, remember my three step system. πŸ˜‰

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