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Balanced lifestyle

My sister Orly was overweight her entire life. Now, at 47, she is in the best shape of her life and looks amazing! She is the one who completely inspired my own journey with fitness and a balanced lifestyle. Orly has been a fitness coach for so many years and she sat down with me to spill all her secrets–including how she drinks 2 glasses of wine a day and still stays healthy! I am so excited to share Orly’s tips for a balanced lifestyle…


Would you believe Orly has 3 kids? When Orly was pregnant, she kept working out during pregnancy which made it really easy to bounce back. Before her first pregnancy she was not at her goal fitness, not even right after her 3rd! She kept working at it, and now she looks amazing.

Balanced lifestyle


Everyday Orly wakes up and drinks warm water with lemon and ginger (she is where I learned this from!). A few hours later she eats oatmeal. Throughout the day, she eats tons of vegetables. She also notes that protein is really important (eat 1.9% g of protein from your body weight), Orly really loves fish!

Balance is the most important factor in living a healthy lifestyle. During the week, Orly tries to stay as healthy as she can. On the weekends, she lets herself eat and do whatever! This really eliminates crazy cravings, because you know that by Friday/Saturday you’ll be able to eat that treat you want. If you never allow yourself to eat something, you’ll cave in every time!

Balanced Lifestyle




As a fitness queen, Orly is huge on wine! She started drinking alcohol AFTER age 40, and learned a lot about wine. Now, she drinks 2 glasses of wine everyday. When we live a healthy lifestyle, you think alcohol is better to avoid. But wine is actually good for you in small amounts! It’s anti-aging and good for cholesterol. Wine and a healthy lifestyle go together!


Orly doesn’t believe the scale, the only way she knows if she is losing or gaining weight is trying on jeans. When she feels her jeans get a little tight, she knows its time to hit her fitness routine even harder.

As a fitness coach, Orly preaches doing twice a week cardio, twice a week strength training. She does recommend starting with a personal trainer/coach to avoid any kind of injuries. She also got me to start running regularly! Ever since I’ve been running, I’ve been able to maintain more steady weight.


Discipline is about being patient with yourself. You can’t expect results overnight. If you burn out and give up for a few weeks, you will bounce back to your old weight and waste your time and money. Orly recommends starting with an easy and doable routine, like only working out 3 times a week for 30 minutes! It makes it so much easier to stick to your goals.

Living a balanced lifestyle all about making the decision, combining cardio with strength, and forgiving yourself. The key is don’t obsess about it, just change your mindset and make it your new lifestyle. Always look forward to your goals and focus on them, the rest will fall into place.

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