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There is so much to be thankful for so far in 2021, but keeping up with New Year’s fitness resolutions is still tough! I work really hard but I was not blessed with metabolism genes, so I gain weight easy. For me, fitness became more about feeling healthy and strong. I’ve always wanted to see muscle definition, but the first time it finally happened is with my (and my husband’s) personal trainer and founder of Lift Chicago, Chad Driscoll! This week on my 900 x Tali Style Series, I hosted Chad to talk about getting in the best shape, keeping up with New Year’s fitness resolutions, and staying stylish through it all. You can watch the entire IGTV here, but in the meantime here is what he had to say! 


Lift Chicago, founded by Chad, offers efficient workouts with simple and progressive programs for busy parents, entrepreneurs, and everything in between.  Rates start at just $50 for 30 mins! They offer 45 mins and 60 mins as well, so you can find whatever works for your schedule every week.


According to Chad, the secret sauce to being fit is consistency. The most common mistake people make is quick fixes. You cant lose 15 lbs in 7 days, it’s just not healthy or realistic. People tend to go way too hard, way too fast. Maybe you have a wedding or a party you wanna fit into that old dress and look great, so you work out really hard for a month and get burnt out and stop for 2 or 3 months. Instead, Chad suggests working out every other day, throughout the year, and sticking it out. It’s just setting realistic goals! Just like learning a new skill or starting a business–if you are more consistent, you will see more consistent results. Chad recommends about 3 times a week.


It’s important you find the type of workout you like the most, so it’s easier to stay consistent. This is especially true if you are working out from home. For some people, that’s yoga 6 times a week! Chad recommends combining some strength training, yoga, and cardio. For your home workouts, invest in resistance bands, dumbbells, a floor mat, and physio ball.

If you don’t have a trainer, you can still hold yourself accountable. The biggest thing is finding motivation in the right places. People look for motivation to drive action, when in reality, actions drive results which drives motivation and drives more actions, and it cycles. Chad suggests starting an accountability calendar for yourself. List 3 things you wanna do everyday, for example drink 80 oz of water, eat a healthy meal/big salad, and work out. If you check off all 3 things, circle the day and mark it as a win. There’s some power in crossing something off and saying “I did it”. Each week, if you got 4/5 days of Monday through Friday, reward yourself with Ben and Jerrys, or a pizza, or a bottle of wine. Overtime when you start to see your results, its a huge motivator to keep going!

staying fit


Knowledge is power in diet! Having knowledge in how many calories you should consume in one day/how many you do consume goes a long way. You can practice mindful eating and track your meals using the Carbon app or myFitnessPal. Once you start tracking, you may realize you have room for more calories and can enjoy a pint of ice cream, guilt free!

Intermittent fasting is a strategy and can eliminate the calories you use on breakfast and replace them on the weekends, but you still need to eat well and focus balanced diet. Chad personally focuses on 80% whole foods diet with lean proteins, and then splurges the other 20% on the weekends with yummy treats like fried food and alcohol. Chad also recommends planning meals ahead and bringing your own healthy food to work & on the go!


Of course, when you look good, you feel good. My biggest secret to fitness motivation is cute workout outfits! I love to dress up even going to the gym, and styling my athleisure to wear for the rest of the day. It’s as easy as adding a leather jacket and swapping sneakers for booties! One of my favorite looks is a matching sweat suit with a vest or leather jacket and statement shoes. My outfit for this event with Chad was inspired by sportswear. I am wearing varsity stripe pants and a comfy tee (that I could totally wear to the gym) from Zadig et Voltaire at Bloomingdale’s, and I swapped my sneakers for heels and added a puff sleeve blazer.

My entire outfit is from the 900 shops, I encourage you to reach out to me to shop so we can connect you directly to the shops to support them!

staying fit and stylish

I also love the look of a monochrome gym outfit, tie the t-shirt in a knot, add a leather jacket and sneakers or booties!



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staying fit

staying fit

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