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It’s officially feeling like fall, especially here in Chicago. The start of fall means it’s time to start dressing for the colder temperatures. Living in the beautiful city of Chicago for many years now, I’ve learned to love sweaters. Not only are sweaters super functional this time of year but they can also be super stylish!
Sweaters aren’t traditionally known as a super stylish piece in an outfit, but this season there are so many insane sweaters that can instantly transform your favorite fall look. I’ve been on the hunt for some great new sweaters for myself and my clients for the season and it’s safe to say there’s no shortage of options.
Of course I can’t talk about sweaters without mentioning my favorite knitwear designers, FRETT! I’m absolutely obsessed with their unique knitwear.
I wanted to give you a little sweater inspiration for your own wardrobe, so I put together a selection of some of my current favorites. Let me know your favorites below!
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