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A question I seem to get all the time is how I make money through my blog.

Affiliated programs

Affiliated programs with online stores is one major way I earn money through my blog. All the links that you see on my blog and stories are clickable links. If you click on them and purchase through the link I receive a small commission. If I have enough clicks and purchases I can actually make living of it, and that’s my main goal. So, if you see something you like please use my link to purchase!

Brand collaborations

Brand collaborations are one way I receive income from my blog. If I really love a brand’s product, I’m always willing to promote it on my blog and social media links. If you’re a brand who loves my style, let’s chat!


I also love hosting events! Sometimes influencers like me are asked to host events on the behalf of brands, and this is a great way for me to earn money while promoting and celebrating things I am most passionate about.

Styling Services

My styling services are another way which I earn a living through my blog. Tel Aviv Couture has given me so many opportunities to meet amazing people who I have been privileged to style, and has opened the door to a whole new business where I feel like I’ve found my calling.

I love sharing with you all my favorite finds, and I am always happy to send the links to you personally.

Shop my looks here, and feel free to contact me if you would like to purchase something you see on my blog!
Chicago Stylist Tali Kogan

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