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graffiti print trend

My fall capsule wardrobe is complete! And that’s thanks to all the graffiti print pieces I am adding to my wardrobe… From bags, to jackets, to trenches, to dresses, I think it is safe to say graffiti print is the trend that is taking over 2020! As a stylist and fashion addict, I can tell you that graffiti is absolutely on trend and you can definitely rock it too, especially if you love artsy and edgy prints like me. This blog post will tell you all the graffiti must-haves to get this season especially the new Coach x Basquiat collection, and I am so excited to share my the hottest new trend, so let’s get started!!

coach basquiat collection


Graffiti print is definitely inspired by urban art and streetwear, so it’s fitting that one of the must-have styles is a tee or sweatshirt. This look is so easy to rock with distressed denim and sneakers or booties. I’d especially love this look with biker shorts trend! Just add a blazer over a graffiti print tee or sweatshirt, and you immediately look so stylish!!

coach basquiat tee
COACH, $150
coach basquiat crewneck sweatshirt
COACH, $295
coach basquiat dinosaur hoodie
COACH, $295
farfetch graffiti hoodie


akira graffiti dress at etta restaurant chicago

I don’t know about you, but I love to wear dresses when I don’t feel like wearing pants and putting a full outfit together. Fellow moms and busy girls, am I right?! But just because I am wearing a comfy dress, doesn’t mean I have to trade style. I focus on buying easy dresses with trendy touches like this fun print, so a simple dress can turn into the trendiest fashion-week inspired outfit! I styled this Akira graffiti print dress to dinner at Etta (featured on my Chicago guide) and I was in love with how it matched the restaurant decor. My next purchase is this Coach x Basquiat sweatshirt dress!

graffiti print mini dress akira
AKIRA, $49
coach basquiat sweatshirt dress
COACH, $350
graffiti print shirtdress akira
AKIRA, $49


I am all about outwear, especially because I live in Chicago and I’m living in coats for over half the year!! That being said, I think it’s super important to invest in stylish fall coats and jackets, because after all it’s what most people are going to be seeing! Plus, it just adds extra detail to your already fabulous outfit. I love this Coach x Basquiat trench, it so unique and artsy! I also am obsessing over these denim jackets from Zadig & Voltaire and Zara–super wearable and more affordable.

coach basquiat graffiti trench coat
COACH, $2200
zadig&voltaire graffiti print white denim jacket
zara graffiti print jacket
ZARA, $79


If you want to refresh your fall capsule wardrobe, I can’t recommend enough to get a new bag!! An updated everyday bag can add so much to your wardrobe. The Coach x Basquiat collection is so easy and so different! From the cool, modern shapes, to the neutral colors, with Basquiat’s powerful art prints, you can’t get better than this. I am still deciding to get the beige crown tote bag, or the black “Famous” bag!

coach basquiat tote bag
COACH, $1250
coach basquiat famous bag
COACH, $795
coach basquiat triangle bag
COACH, $595
balenciaga graffiti bag
Karl lagerfeld graffiti bag

Which graffiti print trend are you most excited to try?

I hope this blog post was really helpful and got you inspired! Please keep in mind that I am also offering 1:1 styling services, workshops and so much more. Click here for my full services and sign up for my newsletter. You can also always shop my top picks on the Tel Aviv Couture Boutique!



akira graffiti print mini dress


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