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Last week, I celebrated a huge milestone, my 40s Birthday !

 I knew that for this occasion I want to create a memory that will last forever. Nothing would make me happier than bringing all my friends together and celebrate.
 The theme of my Birthday was Red Carpet because I wanted my guests to have an extra special reason to dress up. I thought, spreading an actual red carpet would be a little too obvious. Instead, together with Embeya’s owner Komal Pattel, we decided to create Chanel inspired flower wall as a backdrop.
 I found an easy tutorial on youtube but this project was still very time consuming. Thanks to the help of my nannies, who turned out to be very talented not only in child care but also in arts and crafts,  we managed this project in less than 2 weeks. The result was magnificent as you can see.
 All about my party and many pictures are coming next on the blog!

xoxo, Tali

Photography: Hallie Duesendberg

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