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I want to dedicate this post to all my friends, clients, team and anyone who was involved in the best party of my life yet. 

Komal & Attila, Embeya owners who produced and hosted this event. You guys are bringing something very special not just to Embeya but to the entire Chicago restaurant scene. You guys raised the bar on many different levels. We are lucky for the opportunity work with you but even more lucky to be your friends!

Embeya team, you guys are amazing professionals. It was a delightful experience working with each of you.

Embeya pastry chef Molly thank you for the chicest and yummiest birthday cake. I still feel this luxurious flavors in my mouth. Thank you for all the love you put in to this cake.

Embeya chef, Michael Sheerin, all the  guests can’t stop talking about your food, full of refined flavors. Your kitchen is one to remember…

Jonathan & Elisabeth, my photographers for last 7 years. You guys worked as it was your own party and it shows in so many ways. Your energy was a big part of the success of this event.

Drummers, we brought you for an hour and you stayed through the night.  We didn’t ever want you to leave. You guys are incredible!

DJ Eric, your music couldn’t be anymore perfect! I loved how you incorporated your style with Russian music you never heard. And collaboration with the drummers was amazingly done!

My team who helped putting together paper flowers and party favors… I am so lucky to work with such creative people in my life! 

Gifyyy photo booth, I was looking for a fresh approach to photo booth and Gifffy delivered all aspects of it, innovative, fun and brilliant! 

My friends and family, nothing would make this party epic without you, your energy, your love and your continued support. I am so incredibly lucky to have you. Thank you for making the time and effort to come and celebrate with me. This means the world to me!

Jason my love, I am who I am because of you! Thank you for making all my dreams come true!!! 

Friends for life,  Lana from New York and Luba from Israel

with my friend and lifestyle blogger, Luba Jakoboson

 with Jessica Cashman


 Shimon, Jason and I

 Komal and Molly, pastry chef




JHC Productions

Hand made with love party favors



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